Monday, 30 December 2013

Eloiwatch Gold Prize 2013

I’ll try to be brief as a husband of my advanced years is expected to be and cram a whole lot into what - for want of a better metaphor - I shall call an English tuxedo.
Fisking Laurie Penny line by line might very well be a fistful of fingers of fun but time is short.

Via Jihadwatch we can observe the most helpless of maidens happily sawing away at the gnarly, spiky branch on which she sits because the Big Bad Wolf below isn’t nearly as fearsome as the nasty old branch. No siree, Bobbitt.
In addition to the umpteenth confirmation that the correct Left to English translation of the word ‘diverse’ is ‘narrowly, closely circumscribed and exclusive to people exactly like me and who also don’t smell funny or make me look bad by comparison,’ this is a perfect example of the saying; “Best is the enemy of the good,” and as such is Chapter 12665 in the best selling Why Conservatism is Clever and why the Jury’s out on Everything Else, and the Jury’s not Going to Deliberate Very Long.

So what if not all anti-Jihadists in Britain’s history haven’t exactly fit the Rad-Fem stencil? If pointing out that Islam most everywhere during most of its history hurts (murders, acid attacks, stones, rapes and enslaves) many women and girls and argues that it’s a bad thing, wouldn’t it be better to agree that it’s so, gang up on the crazies, hit them from left and right and worry about who gets into the Carlton Club and who doesn’t as a side issue until after we've made the crazies stop?
A good society: just, robust and confident enough to withstand organized ideological violence might encourage as wide a variety of people as possible to protect the weak and uphold some common sense of justice. Not so for Britain’s lowest-value base metal disc. The Riders of Rohan must all ride a pony called Russet and must all be called Rhiannon. Who needs men?
And that whole proportion thing: doesn’t size matter?
And don’t things change through time? Don’t the Left believe in evolution? If so what are the odds that any ideologically perfect, largely childless RedFeminist army will be numerous enough to outnumber and overpower the fast-breeding armies of the Religion of Peace? Perhaps there’s a tipping-point and perhaps it’s imminent or even receding into the past…

And just who, and what, exactly, is going to stand between our liberal elite and the Surprise Haircut?

“No retreat, no surrender. That is Spartan law. And by Spartan law, we will stand and fight... and die.
Not you Leotychidas, you’re left-handed. Or you, Ariston: you sound a bit too rich. Or you dopes from southern Lacedaemon: bloody peasants. And I bet you all like Demaratus, yeah? Back home for you crazies on the right wing. Call that long hair? So, how many are now?...”


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James Higham said...

Ah, good to see you addressing this Laurie Penny Red. I didn't want to bother.


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