Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pease pudding and saveloys

Can’t fault the latest intel about Charlie’s activities up the Mewrong Delta over at House of Dumb.

It seems that the Coalition’s school food advisers are worried about too much fat at lunchtime for the nation’s tots.

Contrariwise, the DC is quite happy to raise the poor kids’ potential gristle consumption at bedtime. 
Now that the Coalition has recently increased the statistical probability of, um, innovative adoption , what are the chances that listening to ‘The Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare: Guess How Much I Love You’ will be a  longer-lasting experience for Little Orphan Andy when it’s read to him by one or both of his dads?

Mind you, if just one child can be saved from the horrors of full-fat Coke served with a white bap full of Laughing Cow and a side order of Walkers then oceans more government coercion and billions of pounds that we just don’t need for anything else would be a small price to pay… And at least the innocent, stylish Bruce and Wayne will be sending their new ward Robin to Gotham Academy with sustainable food storage containers packed full of salt baked sea bass with pesto and crispy pancetta pasta - which should prevent all kind of digestion problems as he heads off to the school counsellor’s office for that Little Talk about what not to wear.   

And just look at The Telegraph’s commenters; they’re in a conservative  newspaper?

It looks as though the inter-species genetic experiments have been successful as Comment is Free ratchet-jaws have been fused with the ‘graph’s NuTory  bedwetters.
There does seem to be an enchanting troll or two adding much-needed irony into the mixture. I especially like the thread about giant pencils ;but then trolls have reason to be sensitive to such matters.

Say, is there some kind of theme developing here?

Picture from here.

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