Wednesday, 1 August 2012

One good cop

….walked the streets of Bournemouth in 2005, seeking to protect the innocent from tragically unidentified persecutors; no stone unturned in a futile search for justice.

A one-miss wonder for the BBC’s Dixon of Dock Green memorial charts.
The BBC seems to have noticed what was the great detective’s single claim to fame.

Knife gang abuse Muslim student

A gang that threatened and racially abused a language student is being hunted by police.
The 20-year-old Muslim man from the United Arab Emirates was approached on Bennett Road in the Charminster area of Bournemouth on Sunday by the three men.
One of the men was carrying a knife and they chased the student shouting racists insults.
The man, who is studying English at one of the town's language schools, ran to the Mace store and called police.
The student was not injured in the incident.

Pc Hatef Nezami said: "This was an isolated incident and an extensive search of the area by police failed to find any trace of the three men.
"House-to-house inquiries have also drawn a blank.
"There were several people in Bennett Road at the time of the incident.
"I am appealing for those people - and anyone with information - to come forward and call Dorset Police in confidence or the Crimestoppers line anonymously."

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JuliaM said...

Ahhh, yes!" The good old 'isolated incident'. That we shouldn't worry about. Because it's isolated.


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