Sunday, 8 April 2012

A little light music

There are many folk who hold that we human beings are little more than clever meat: purposeless, unintended creatures all alone in the Universe who have evolved the powers of reason and language but whose sole functions as organisms are to avoid pain as long as it takes to pass on their genes to the next generation. Some of you will no doubt hold this opinion and I wish you all a happy Easter Day too.

But somehow I can’t bring myself to believe that the person who wrote this awesome piece of music (after the stupid advertisement!) was just a fancy chunk of mutton adopting airs and graces above his station.


Richard said...

Just stunning. Thank you. (From an agnostic.)

North Northwester said...

You're welcome, Richard. It's a little gem whether you believe it or not. Or maybe, as in your case;-)

Richard said...

Nimrod always brings a lump to my throat, but I hadn't heard this arrangement before. It's beautiful. I've been a fan of church music all my life, non-believer and all. It's one of the highest expressions of the human spirit, in my opinion.

The 'maybe' is slightly incorrect. More like a 'dunno'. :)

James Higham said...

Sometimes it just transcends, does it not?


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