Friday, 2 March 2012

Beam me up

I had wanted to blog about the vile Daily Kos post wherein some of those Lefties dance on the late Andrew Breibart’s grave, (God rest his soul.)
But then I remembered my own post about Senator Kennedy.

I think I’ll be cleaning my own act up from now on.

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JuliaM said...

Breibart never left a woman to drown in his own car in an attempt to save his own skin, so I think we're comparing apples and oranges here...

North Northwester said...

True enough, Julia, and we should continue to hold life's destructive swine (of whom Kennedy was one, on several occasions) up to ridicule and criticism.
I just wish in retrospect that I had waited at least until after the funeral.
Nanoscopic as the chances of any friend or relative of Kennedy's reading my post were, it was still possible.
Looking the vile post at DK, one commenter wrote that the conservatives had gloated at Congresswoman Gifford's wounds. I don't recall them at the time and doubt that there were any (at least nowhere near the top of the conservative commentariat's hierarchy), and I do remember the regret and sympathy that conservative bloggers and professionals expressed at the shootings, but my Kennedy post made it impossible for me to criticise those DK oafs in turn.
Yur blogging style is much less overtly 'editorialised' than mine: it's a wshing line that lets readers see and despise our masters' dirty laundry without too many arrows pointing to the gussets and crotches - which makes it both more powerful and more likely to persuade your readers. Horses for courses, but one needs to be as good as, e.g. Dumb Jon or Mark Steyn to get away with so much sarcasm, and I'm just not in that league.

James Higham said...

Yeah but it's Ok with Chappaquiddick Man.

North Northwester said...

An encouraging thought, James, and thank you for it. Mary Jo Kopechne surely isn't coming back to put me right and I haven’t lost sight of who the victim was. Nor Kennedy’s encouragement towards and connivance with the Soviets.

I was proud of the post at the time and I thought it funny, (which it was) but pride in this case preceded my inability to stick it to the foul-minded commies at the Daily K. Which is a tiny defeat for our side, and I should not ignore one of the very small handful of things Jesus told us to do. Next time something like this happens - and Michael Moore for example can’t hope to outrace industrial quantities of Ben & Jerry’s and too little exercise forever - I hope I’ll remember to respect the proprieties. Because without such constraints I think I’d soon start to resemble them. It’s grace that makes us right and also strong; not its opposite.
(Sigh), and my post against the gloaters was a real beauty, too...

The Venerable Bede said...

As above, no connection whatever between the two pieces cited.

One gloats over the death of a political enemy purely because he had been one in life, and proposes - to a degree that crosses the line between satire and incitement - to disrupt his funeral. This is purely on the grounds of ideological disagreement: a foul and uniquely leftist form of engagement.

Your piece merely reminds us, in the thick of a welter of eulogistic hagiography, that the man in question was a scoundrel.

I accept your point, such as it is, that it might have been kinder to wait until after the funeral, but that really is a tiny stick to beat yourself with.

What you spotlight in the Daily Kos piece is a species of evil, while you are guilty, at most, of the mildest imaginable infraction of good manners. You won't have offended anyone, because your adversaries abandoned such things decades ago anyway.

All the best to you.

North Northwester said...

Welcome VB, and thank you. Still, I'd prefer to follow the path whereby I get to bomb our shared assailants from a greater height - by trying to get a little higher.
Following and link added, under 'assorted goodies.! Welcome to the comedy show...


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