Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nemesis Draco

Our loyal subjects.

This week we have slain the dragon that has of late threatened the realm with destruction. We have become the very first of all the kings of Albion to do so when we slew the recently-feared and invisible dragon in mortal combat and have now returned to you to rule you all amid the peace and security that our personal valour has won.

Though we can never know the name of that awful creature; nor display its hide and broken bones to our relieved and grateful subjects; we stand before you in the warmth of your praise and love. Let the doubters be silent, let the soldiers of our Guard sheathe their rattling sabres once more in faith that their liege lord has done his duty and that all is now well.

We can only pray now that our reign can henceforth be peaceful and righteous; undisturbed at last by the bickering and suspicions that have racked it for so long. We hope that the money-lenders will still their cowardly murmurings of alarm at imaginary monsters - rather than this very real dragon and that they will return to their honest tasks of lending modest sums to our treasury and helping our very humblest subjects and supporters place a tiled roof above their heads, (though never an old-fashioned thatched one.)  We hope also that our poorer subjects will return to their honest toil undisturbed by the deeds of their betters here at court, obey our wise judges, and continue to give generously from their harvests to support our Royal almshouses and for modest poor relief and to house and clothe the strangers now settling in our lands to the benefit of all.

We hope also that Papal legates may once more move freely amongst our subjects about their godly tasks undisturbed by dissent and disrespect, and that our own alliances with foreign princes and our marriage to a foreign Queen will be thought of warmly as the great good that they are, and that our over-mighty subjects shall learn to know their place and cease their prideful calls of fear and alarm that there be greater (and visible) dragons off our shores, for they are surely in the wrong.

Cnut Rex :
Lord of the Isles, dragon slayer and Prince of Anagrams.


 Picture from here.


James Higham said...

Now that's some take on the situation, NNWer.

North Northwester said...

Well, I was in a rush and i didn't want to do "the emperor has no clothes" thing.
Cameron as Churchill? C'mon!


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