Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

Perhaps I’ve lost my fine edge of rantiness this week, but the complicated stuff, it seems, just doesn’t cut the mustard for today. Perhaps to keep it simple is the thing and what could be simpler than a list? Like learning times tables it’s simple and does the job.
So I’m going to work during the public sector pension ‘day of action’ because:

David Wilkie died, and thousands of workers faced violence and brutal intimidation (including threats of rape and murder against their families while on shift) during the miners’ strike of 1984–1985, and there was similar mass violence later at Wapping. This is for them.

My labour is mine to give or to withhold: the right to work is a God-given right: not one bestowed at the whim of unions.

This strike is wrong, and by working I can oppose the continuation of the tax-drinking, debt-ridden entitlement-junkie culture that has bankrupted so many businesses and is busily aborting many other new enterprises for which my daughter’s generation will now not be able to work.

Anything supported by the very same trade unions who did so much to elect and support the Labour governments that bankrupted the public finances and impoverished many families and led to the decades of hardship ahead of us is, on the balance of probabilities (let alone the evidence), going to be completely wrong.

The strike isn’t intended to win, but rather to radicalize the casual and first-time strikers. One day off threatens no-one in power but will put a nice, symbolic hole in pre-Christmas pay packets. It’s a political strike all the way, and we have elections to decide the politics.


JuliaM said...

It's purely ideological. They've admitted that.

James Higham said...

Strike? Was there some sort of strike on somewhere?


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