Saturday, 10 September 2011

Who’s next?

To sign up to be Britain’s Political Prisoner Number 2, just post anything you like at your own blogs or comment or post over at Orphans of Liberty. Someone will be along to arrest you shortly.

By all means go on posting wherever you like about how Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism are little more than pretexts for the State to oppress the rest of us with punitive emergency and security laws. I respect your integrity.

Help yourself to the Rights Of Englishmen and explain, with evidence, that the 9/11 attacks were enacted and planned by someone other than the people who said they did so. Be my guest: your freedom is precious to me (natural human sympathy aside) because if you lose your freedom, I will surely lose mine.

I disagree with such positions, (respectfully I hope), but please don’t think that by making those arguments here, or anywhere else, that you have some kind of right or legal protection if you say controversial things if our lords and masters find you annoying.
Because you don’t.

Please go on referring as our “Conservative” Prime Minister did to the English Defence League as ‘sick.’ I won’t hurt you if you do.

Jump aboard the Moral Equivalence bandwagon if you like and elide the EDL with the BNP as someone did over at the liberty-loving Adam Smith Institute blog. You can even describe them as right wing extremists if you like, and go shopping afterwards and maybe take in a movie, as long as it’s not Fitna, obviously.
I won’t put you in jail.

But if this blog’s kind visitors' and commenters’ commitment to freedom as a real thing to enjoy in the outside world  is sincere, I hope that, at the very least, you will pass on the information about Britain’s Political Prisoner Number 1, the EDL’s ‘Tommy Robinson.’

Because of an alleged assault (for which he has not been convicted) he has been placed by a supposedly English court under certain interesting restrictions.

On June 24th, Blackburn Magistrates Court heard that on April 2nd 2011 Tommy had assaulted a man at a demonstration in Luton (sic, it was allegedly in Blackburn) – a charge he denies. The court granted bail, but subject to the following conditions:

He must not knowingly organise, travel to, or participate in any march, demonstration, protest or similar.

He must not send any article, letter, fax or email that seeks to promote or publicise any match, demonstration or protest in the open air.

He must report to Luton Police station every Saturday between midday and 2pm.

This person is, if our courts are fair and just, a convicted football hooligan. See Wikipedia’s reliable and unbiased report here. You might not like him. He’s a million miles from perfect.

But because of an alleged assault in Blackburn (for which he has not been convicted, did I mention?) he has been banned form speaking freely, assembling freely, travelling to our free nation’s capital city on Saturday afternoons at 2 PM: nor communicating freely by new media or old about any subject at all concerning which he might not agree with, for example, the government.

Got that?

He has no civil rights at all to take part in any form of political debate anywhere because some politically biased magistrate has decided he’s all that bad stuff and therefore he doesn’t count.
And of course, it is just possible (though I don’t have any forensics to prove it) that all this is something to do with the EDL’s demonstration in Tower Hamlets that has been constrained, misrepresented, denied legal transportation, threatened, and intimidated.

So he broke these bail restrictions and went to prison for doing so. I’m a conservative, old-style, and I respect the idea of obeying the law in a lawful and free society. I just don’t happen to believe that I live in one any more.
I can’t think of a poster at this site that hasn’t written something or other that someone in what passes for authority in this country would not object to.

So please, pass on the link and this information to whomever you can. Perhaps ask these questions. Please also consider putting a few quid towards his defence against our politicised courts: money you might otherwise spend on something the government hasn’t banned you from buying yet – or made compulsory. Do all that, if you like. Just don’t go thinking that you have some kind of a right to do it because you haven’t: it’s a privilege.

They’ll be here soon.

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Think the van's going to be round for all of us soon, NNWer.


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