Sunday, 31 July 2011

Silly week starts tomorrow

He’s the man whom Monty Python geeks must logically infer to be half an Arthur Jackson.

Tomorrow I’ll put something up for this most prestigious of cultural festivals whose path is silliness and humour… whose path and prize are silliness, humour and irony… amongst whose properties are silliness, humour, irony and ragging the mighty; for which virtues I set up this blog originally…and that was just before the American Public trumped me and all other would-be comedians for all time by electing Barack Obama as, quite possibly, the last President of the United States of America.

Tomorrow my post is guaranteed to be free of all right-wing rantiness, cultural warfare, mortgaged-again if not born-again Christianity, social conservatism and contempt for Britain’s first alien brain abduction survivor, Mister David Cameron.
*Terms and conditions apply.

On a brighter note, Wikipedia has several references to Arthur Jacksons.

The first, an Anglican Minister stood up against the powerful in the pre-Civil War years where he refused to co-operate with the Stuart monarchy’s absolutist intention to control sports and pastimes on Sundays according to religious conformity with their regime - at potential risk to himself. He stood by his Royalist beliefs against the newer republican authorities during the Interregnum - again at potential risk to himself. He stood up to the Stuart Restoration’s Anglican authorities again against the reintroduction of Episcopal powers and also when they tried to apply centralised control of liturgy via enforcement of the Book of Common Prayer. He lost his living as the result.
This was someone who stuck to his beliefs and yet who served and sometimes stood up in the interests of those with whom he profoundly disagreed and when imprisonment was possible and when the death penalty (both legally-mandated or informally via mob rule) was always available to the powerful and the bigoted mobs. We should be so courageous today.

And then there was this guy. Congressional Medal of Honor. Hoorah! Jarheads just plain don’t know when to quit. God bless him, too.

Lastly, there was this chap.
A Canadian ice hockey player. ‘nuff said.

See you tomorrow for my humble contribution to Silly Week 2011.

*Terms and conditions.
Naïve person’s discount available from 30th July until 31st July 2011
Naïve person’s discount applies when you seriously think I really meant it and can prove that I really meant it in the High Court of the League of Nations.
Naïve person’s discount excludes the uses of irony, sarcasm, milquetoast evangelism, references to the Labour Party, RINOs, Islam or any aspect thereof, and any proper noun around or amongst which quotations might reasonably be placed, such as Conservative Party.
If you are entitled to more than one discount, I’ve got some Concorde shares you might just be interested in. Please visit my eBay shop for details.

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