Saturday, 21 May 2011


Dumb Jon makes much of how the Tory administration, via that millionaire man of the people and down wiv da kids septuagenarian Kenneth Clarke, is honouring the European political aspiration that justice should be blind. And Europe’s good, right?
In fact, they honour it so generously that they’ve improved it with a whole raft of 21st Century upgrades: now justice is deaf, insensitive, spineless and severely mentally impaired as well!  

Actually, irrespective of any smart-arse comment I might be inclined to make anywhere about all of this, the story about Gabrielle Browne kicks away yet another leg of liberalism’s nothing-to-see-here-nothing-to-worry-about platform of quasi-complacency about the criminal justice system.
Aside from taking that name literally, libs make much of the so-called “independent judiciary,” and how the independent judiciary (and the independent judiciary alone) can protect us from the Creeping Fascism Horror that otherwise would stalk the land, Daily Mail in pocket: hassling the kids; victimizing women, blacks and gays and hunting the unemployed from horseback.

Just what is the modern judiciary supposed to be independent of?

I mean, if the Justice Secretary doesn’t want overlong or excessively harsh sentences for the most vulnerable rapists and non-sexual violent attackers in society and the judges (such as the limerick-inspiring Judge Beverley Lunt) don’t want overlong or excessively harsh sentences for the most vulnerable rapists and non-sexual violent attackers in society, and when the frontline magistrates are chosen from the ranks of social workers and those who openly reject the very notion of judgment and who are recruited according to the iron-bound strictures of ring fenced and officially-enforced diversity, you’ve got to wonder who, if anyone, the independent judiciary will not be influenced by.

Wonder for about two seconds, that is.


JuliaM said...

Good post! While reading in, I had this story in draft. I'll link when it goes up.

James Higham said...

It's a multi-pronged attack, of which the judiciary is but one part, education and the health system being two others.

North Northwester said...

Thank you Julia : little and rarely at my time of life.

James, is it just me or is the government beginning to resemble the assembly in the last episode of the original Prisoner TV show?


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