Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dry those tears, Tinkerbell

Gary Long, whose group on Nottingham City Council all lost its seats, demanded Mr Clegg's resignation. "Our chance of recovery will be better with a new leader," he told The Independent. "He is carrying the baggage of decisions like that on tuition fees."

A typical complaint there from a Liberal Democrat politician after his party’s massacre at the polls last Thursday; after their dreams of holding onto local power and a constitutional reform designed solely to keep themselves in power and the two other parties permanently in the LibDems’ debt were shattered by something formerly known as the British people.

Blogs were once supposed to be personal records of writers’ feelings and perceptions about the world around us – the journalism, debate and fact-finding came, I think, a little bit later.
However, it’s usually good when people return to an appropriate set of roots, so here I go.

The Liberal Democrats, like the SDP- Liberal Alliance and the Lib/Lab Pact eah in turn, and like the postwar Liberal Party before them have lived a deeply dishonest public existence; positioning themselves in the public perception as being to the right of Labour and to the left of the Tories, whereas in fact in almost all matters of policy and campaigning, they have pursued a course to the left of Labour’s core working-class support and in tandem with their fellow cultural warriors of the Gramscian Left.
Whilst promising to be cleaner and less thuggish that the trade union-supported Labour Party and being opposed to its far left’s support of the Soviet world, in fact they were leading lights in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the appeasement movement as a whole leading up to the implosion of Soviet Communism in the face of staunch resistance from the Liberal-loathed Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. Whenever the use of force in the defence of the West has been mooted or undertaken, it is always the Liberal democrats who provide a ‘moderate voice’ whilst our country and culture’s enemies were treated as moral and civilisational equals with needs and interests of their own every bit as worth of respect as mere non—Liberals’ desires not to be friend in a nuclear firestorm or minced by suicide bombers in their major cities and airports.

Whilst claiming to be the inheritors of economic liberalism the Lib Dems side locally, regionally, nationally and in Europe with all the alliances and parties whose policies are intended to close down the opportunities for free enterprise, and which stifle existing businesses with regulations in favour of various real or imaginary harms done by industrial civilization.

In economic outlook they have grown powerful by pretending somehow to be more caring and kindly than the Gradgrindian Tories whose noses seem always to be stuck into account books, and by promising every little girl a pony of her own and every little boy a puppy without cost or consequence to anyone nice – whilst eagerly going along with European Union, Whitehall and Westminster’s centralizing and paralyzing war against wealth creation.

Their mendacious ‘community politics’ have made them so beloved that as they themselves screened the European Union (in all its predecessor aliases) as it destroyed the fishing industry and raised the price of food throughout our islands by keeping cheap commonwealth imports out under that old European umbrella and by forcing the common people to subsidise inefficient and dishonest farmers on the continent, and help constrain and frustrate every other trades that requires producing some levels of industrial waste, and they have been the back door of respectable middle–of-the-road voice to allow the Green lunacy into public discourse where once it would have been laughed to death by conservatives and stamped flat by Labour politicians keen to preserve Britain’s industrial population and their living standards of their supporters.

Whenever public debate on some cultural matter has been shown to the public, the Liberal Democrat has posed as the harmless middle path between Tory xenophobia and authoritarianism on the one hand an Labour’s cultural vandalism and class war on the other - whilst in almost every town and county hall in the land and on every Parliamentary committee and everywhere through the EU they have eased the way for the endless extension of the Welfare State and the inter-generational dependency that it brings.

On the rare occasions when Labour has shown foreign policy sense such as by reacting to the obvious danger of petrodollar-rich unreformed Islam, Liberal Democrats have been in the forefront of the opposition to our country’s defence of its allies and our attacks on our enemies, and they have, more than any other party underwritten the cultural Marxists’ almost complete criminalization of expressing the very notion of nationhood.

All this amongst a monsoon of slander in all forums and defamation in all media against anyone daring to resist the Progressive tide as hate-filled bigots; madmen and agents of mysterious commercial interests and whilst adorning themselves with the undeserved reputation of honest, kindly, simple folk in touch with the people and nature, whilst they cheered on all the Labour and the watery Tory governments as between them they sold our nation’s children - born and unborn - into lifetimes of debt slavery..

I’m happy, therefore, that the Liberal Democrats did, last week, at last find themselves truly in the position within British politics that they had so deceptively claimed for themselves.

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