Saturday, 5 February 2011

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Other  people have blogged about the school dinner lady who received £49.09 compensation for unfair dismissal after having told the parents of child who had been tied up and whipped by bullies that the assault had occurred because the Head Weasel had kept it secret.

The 'reason' that her compensation was so low was becasue she would have been sacked for going to the press about the school's secrecy towards the parents (and by implication its attempt to let the bullying continue or at least to remain unpunished.)

Her original sacking was for 'bringing the school into disrepute' when she went to the press.
The Daily Mail (always true, always fair, always proportionate) story is here.

You can send money to a little girl's rescuer and actual real person here at Anna Raccoon's blog (good luck with the French Pay Pal).

One other thing that you might do: hit back.

Here's the school that keeps bullying a secret from the victim's parents and persecutes a child's rescuer out of her job:

Great Tey Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
Chrismund Way, 
Great Tey, 
The Head Teacher's name at the time of the bullying and shameful cover-up and persecution was Debbie Crabb.

And here's the link to Essex County Council which owns the local education authority that runs and finances the school

Why not drop them a line and let them know what you think?

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