Thursday, 10 June 2010

Left is the new Right

Somebody’ been crumbling in the big bits over at Leftworld this last week. They’re beginning to sound like, well…us.

Via Julia, I’m obliged to point out that the one thing that’ll send me rushing off to the shower every time to swarfega myself after a good strong scouring with bleach and wire wool is the thought of being surrounded by the same planetary atmosphere containing this person’s breath:

Instead of which, Ann Sumner – who is 42 years old – says, “I’m really disappointed, everyone has been talking to me about the sentence… if anything people have been telling me they think the sentence was too short… As far as I’m concerned she has admitted the crime now she should be doing the time.”
Fuck her. I hope she dies, preferably in a great deal of pain.

And then there’s the “Gays shouldn’t mix with Christians” spiel:

“Elton’s actually a pretty good gay and he’s done a lot for the causes, but this is kind of gross,” said Musto toward the end of the interview. “I was waiting for the transformation where he was going to sprinkle fairy dust on Rush and he would either come out of the closet or be gay positive. That hasn’t happened, so Elton’s just a whore,” he said.

Don’cha just love that You belong to your designated identity group, body and soul, in perpetuity message?
Why did the West Africa Squadron and Union Army bother to do their anti-slavery thing, I wonder?

Just when you can imagine a Leftist’s brain reaching for the ejector seat toggle because it can no longer stand being inside the same head as the mind that thought that one up, it seems to slump down in utter despair at the next little gem.
Here’s that immortal Immigrants go home to where your ancestors were murdered in their millions schtick.

Veteran White House Correspondent Helen Thomas has provoked a storm in the US after saying the Jews must "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go home" to Germany or Poland.

And finally, there’s the singing giraffe story from the good old Beeb.

Actually from Biased BBC Sue and Biodegradable, and ultimately contextualized by Oyvaygoy, it’s that old global revenge killing plea beloved of all liberal humanitarians everywhere:

Lauren Booth put in quite a performance at an Israel-bashing demo in London at the weekend. She described Mark Regev as “an Israeli killer Zionist” and said that if she hears his voice again she’s “going to vomit”. Thanks for sharing, Lauren.
She shrieked: “You wanna know something? I don’t care about Israel’s security.” At least she’s honest. She also declared: “The world should take up arms against Israel, right now, in revenge for this attack.” Then came a swift attempt at a backtrack. “By arms… by arms, let’s get it straight… we will march…our arms…are marching.” Whatever.

I've watched wildlife documentaries where things that swarm in the delicate ecosystems at the bottom of tropical caves were less creepy.

But, thank God, it’s still the Right that swims in racism and hate.

Glad to see good old solid pinko moral reality’s back, aren’t you?
Reality…and the Platypus Lords of Rheged, of course.


mark said...

The underlying rage, anger and hostility displayed in these stories is actually quite scary.

It will be interesting to see what the response of the left is to the Government's budget cuts.

This sort of anger x budget cuts = recipe for self righteous violent street protests.

North Northwester said...

Welcome Mark, and thanks for your comment.

Truthfully, I've known since 1979 just what the reaction would be - utter fury at the idea of doleys having to justify their own benefits instead of getting some woolly-hatted Che-lover to fill in the forms for them... but the cuts won't be an order of magnitude close to what needs to be done - not under the unConservatives and the ill-Liberals.

James Higham said...

Fuck her. I hope she dies, preferably in a great deal of pain.

And you got Ms Booth right too.

JuliaM said...

"The underlying rage, anger and hostility displayed in these stories is actually quite scary."

It's going to get much, much worse too.

Jade said...

Hm, well, I'm not quite sure you can take the ravings of some moron calling him(?)self "Pigdogf---er" as being really representative of the Left, you know. Just sayin'.

As for Lauren Booth, I'm not sure what Biased BBC are saying here - after all she shouts in the video "Don't watch the BBC", which presumably is what Biased BBC is all about. You can read more of her opinion here, here and here.

Whether you agree with her or not, is that honestly what you call a hard line liberal agenda? It's also interesting to note which paper she writes for...

She's also an idiot.

North Northwester said...

Hi Jade. Welcome back and thanks for your comments.

Pigdogfucker posted this:
"Losing some money is a mild pain in the arse; going to jail is unutterably horrible. I don’t, and never will, understand why people think the latter is an appropriate punishment for inflicting the former (in the absence of violence, threats and/or home invasion)."
Anyone who’s lost hard-earned money to thieves loses a part of their lives and their hopes. PDF’s possibly dealing with some woolly-liberal notion of proportionality here: instead of deterrence and punishment, which are likely to help and encourage the poorest and least powerful in our country.
One reason the working class needs to form a new party with social conservative principles and some measure of social protection for the unlucky is because the official Left and especially the Labour Party are in the hands of those who prescribe for crime as if it were a communicable disease instead of the result of free-will choices of immoral people. its consequences are the loss of material comfort and feelings of personal security - things that the political class can afford to get back. They're spending our money, after all.
Libertarianish people can be alright and are often much better than alright - but that doesn't stop libertarianism being a form of liberalism, against which I have turned on the grounds that, despite everything I had hoped, it turned out to be unspeakably stupid.

Nah, Biased BBC is all about exposing the BBC's cultural and political bias in favour of our Marxist rulers and their bearded, scimitar-waving new pet baby seals as they slaughter the rest of us - so much so that they have to be the main culprits of spreading the political class's new-found anti-Semitism down the tree.

And the loon Lauren Booth was cited as a example of just that. Here's what she wrote in the moral equivalent of crayon in one of your welcome links:
"Like many in this country I morally object to both the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq that have cost more than a million civilian lives."
She never mentions that all but a few of those lives were "lost" by Muslims killing other Muslims. That's corrupt Left-wing arithmetic with a moral compass pointed straight to Hell.
And when David Aaronovich writes for The Times, you might notice just how far Rightward the Left is installed in newspapers these days.

Not all Left-wingers are so vilely corrupted, and some hold to the high moral standards of their forebears.

And it was a rant, Jade: my manifesto comes later.


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