Monday, 28 June 2010

Conservative pin-up

Picture from here, amongst other places.

SO much better than Cameron's eggshell pale-blue Avatar green tree wombles.

Either Cameron, I mean.


banned said...

I'd vote for a Sarah like that.

JuliaM said...

Oh, boy! That's going to make a few heads pop on the left... :D

North Northwester said...

Banned, I don't think she's that different under the skin, either.
Not how the artist has encapsulated the essence of the virtue at the heart of effective, limited, government and the happiness and security that it brings.
Personally, I'm hoping for a companion-piece in which she conveys the robust and lasting strengths of a constitutional separation of powers and a tripartite division of governance.
I'd suggest one in which she walked away from the artist's viewpoint towards - say - a tennis net:and perhaps wearing a white sports dress...

Julia, true- what is the PC buzzword for 'apoplexy', I wonder?!

Barking Spider said...

I'd buy that for a dollar! ;-)

Ross said...

That is the frightening picture designed largely to appeal to the lesbian vote..

North Northwester said...

BS, if you ever see it available by mail order, would you please let me know?

And Ross, I hadn't thought of that.

Oh, my.


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