Saturday, 10 April 2010

Whores de combat


But thankfully only a small personal disaster: illness prevents me helping out UKIP’s Castle City campaign in the first weekend of the General Election.

Housebound and weedy, I can only hope for a speedy recovery so I can get into the fray proper next week.

In the meantime, some cognitive dissonance from the ever-lovely and darling of the BBC Marcus Brigstocke’s Wikipedia entry.

Many of the central themes of Brigstocke's work were first addressed during his time as a student at the University of Bristol. While at Bristol he often performed in the comedy trio Club Seals, which later made the transition to TV in the series of short programmes We Are History. Very few of the conventions and institutions of the bourgeoisie have escaped his ire, be it the middle-class obsession with heritage (The Museum of Everything), the turpitude of contemporary business culture (Think the Unthinkable), or English provincial parochialism (Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off).

On 9 April 2006, Brigstocke appeared in BBC Radio 4's Classic Serial adaptation of The Code of the Woosters as Bertie Wooster with Andrew Sachs as Jeeves.

Picture from here.


James Higham said...

Not Jonathan Ross as Bertie?

North Northwester said...

Nope : just plain old Mister Bourgeoisie hater and scourge of English Heritage making a few quid out of PG Wodehouse's toffish scathing of the aristocracy and his unique contributions to English literary heritage, in whose pages I don't recall obscene answer-phone messages being involved.


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