Monday, 22 March 2010

Tea break

My regiment leaves at dawn.

Well, not quite.

There’s going to be a general election by 3rd June (unless the Government cheats, which is always possible.)

I started this blog way back when in April 2008 intending to post spoofs and jokes about life, the universe and everything, and thus prove worldwide how clever I was.

That was Joke Number One.

Then nothing very much till that Autumn when our national and the Anglosphere in general’s obvious bankruptcy was made internationally plain. That would be Joke Number Two.

Then the biggest joke of all, the United States electorate blithely elected to the office of President an Allinskyite Marxist, a lifelong willing associate of terrorists, who may not even be entitled to the office because of his disputed and possibly foreign nationality. He certainly isn’t qualified for the job.

He and his comrades and a media corrupt and infiltrated – indeed some would say owned body and soul – by the hard Left have just this week managed to say to Hell with the Constitutional checks and balances and hence with America’s unique founding system of legally-enforceable individual and states’ rights in pursuit of State-controlled ‘healthcare,’ – and all this almost certainly with the long-term intention of saying to Hell with the Constitutional checks and balances and hence with America’s unique founding system of legally-enforceable individual and states’ rights.

And so in all likelihood the US of A is on its way to welfare statehood and we can forget about the priceless gift to the world of a brave and wealthy guarantor of democracy and economic freedom against the world’s tyrants and totalitarianism, despite all that the gallant Tea Party movement has said and done. Corporate power, in all its manifestations, seems to be set against individuals and families in the homeland of freedom.

What hope is there, then, for Britain?

Well, in the last two or three weeks I’ve heard an impeccably liberal Briton describe her shouting at the radio when the notion was raised that young children can’t know when their murderous crimes are evil as compared with merely punishably naughty. I’ve heard a similarly liberal individual proffer the opinion that open borders for welfare benefits just can’t work – except to the unaffordable cost to our country. I’ve seen someone who claimed to have voted Labour all his life shouting at a Labour leafletter that he’s voting for none of them, they’re all thieves, and that he wanted his money back.

Tea Party UK?

Is it enough? Will anything ever be enough to overcome the climate of big-state, high-taxation, anti-freedom propaganda and anti-patriotism and belief that exists in our homeland?

Probably not, but we can all do: nothing; less than at present; the same as now; or more to turn the tide against our civilisation.

So I’m going to do more.

Entirely new motion; for action; not words.

I’m off to work for the UK Independence Party for the run-up to the General Election, on the logic that any mainstream party at all will spend most of its energies protecting and running ( and ‘reforming’) the anarcho-tyranny that the Gramscians and lacklustre ‘Conservative’ administrations have bought us to.

Only by ostentatiously large votes for parties not LibLabCon will show to the defeated, or minority administration MPs and their parties that we don’t like what they have to offer and that we want something other than the internationalist, anti-monarchist, cradle-to-grave State-run life of European welfare statism that is all they have until stronger and self-confident powers with distinct and concrete beliefs take it all away from us anyway.

A small Tory win (and God forbid a large one led by Cameron) would mean all the hopes for lower taxes and fewer bureaucrats, for justice and protected borders and nationhood being ignored and Tory promises whittled away with gestures and posing and futile ‘initiatives’ and schemes and new quangos. The Tory Left would interpret any electoral success as vindication of their Socialism with nicer suits and pale blue ties, and any reckoning with the Hard Left would be put off for half a generation or more (if it’s even possible by then).

This must not be allowed and for me, this means supporting UKIP, which for all its faults and the obviously frail humanity of its members is a non-totalitarian party of the Right closest to the Thatcher-led Conservative Party of my youth.

Even when ‘good men’ do something, it may not be enough. We don’t have to win this one or any of them. History won’t guarantee anything but the survival of viruses, cockroaches and folk musicians. But tyranny must not be allowed to win by default.

Is there any hope?


In a separate development I’ve recently reconverted back to the Christian faith of my family, and though this says nothing much about my politics or the country, the fact that every day I hang a replica of a device for torture and murder around my neck as a sign that I’m optimistic about humanity and the future…probably says something about my state of mind, at most.

This involves some small time spent reading and praying and the expenditure of a lot of energy in not getting all sarcastic about the evil or negligent swine who continue to louse up our world and our country when I meet them or read about them. Also, as you may have noticed, at first it's cut down on my blogging time.

And now I’ve got to off to knock on doors to try and turn some of those impeccably Left-liberal and lifelong Labour voters’ minds to the idea of a large protest vote unequivocally against the LibLabCon that grew our state and shrank our country is a good idea so that one day, perhaps, the mainstream politicians may wake up, smell the tea and offer us our country and some of our money back. Which means little time for blogging – if any – for a few weeks until the battle’s lost and won.

I may pop up from time to time (who knows?) to post up ‘ideas that work’ pieces from knowledge gleaned from the people themselves on the doorsteps, or to rant about this or that to get something off my chest, but really my friends if I’ve not persuaded you on-line by now that there is an alternative (!) to the corrupt Tories, then what more can I do this side of some crook standing and waving a piece of paper on the doorstep of Number Ten?

When the flood gates of the BBC’s statist and collectivist propaganda have finally opened unrestrained propaganda and all we can hear is the onrushing tsunami of the endlessly repeated lie in most newspapers and on almost all the broadcast media that lower taxes and confident nationhood will only ‘harm the poor’ , then other than the Internet pretty much the only place to get the truth over is face to face with the British people themselves. After the deluge, me.

So, thanks for all the links and all the comments (most of them) and I’ll see you all - or not as you choose - when the hurly-burly’s done.

Good luck.

God save the Queen.

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JuliaM said...

Godspeed! Will keep an eye out for new posts- I think you'll have some great doorstep tales to tell.. ;)

Goodnight Vienna said...

Brilliant NNW - I wish you good luck and look forward to your return.

CherryPie said...

Good luck to you too :-)

Antisthenes said...

You keep referring to the tea party I can only assume you mean the Boston tea party the one that best personifies why the war of American Independence was fought. No taxation without representation and all that. A little known fact is a reduction in tax on tea actually caused the war not the increase. Disbelieve on your behalf at this point no doubt. Well it is true look it up. You see many colonists that's what they were in those day made a mint of money smuggling highly taxed tea into the 13 colonies, so when the British government reduced the tax on tea to appease the American colonists these smuggler were suddenly out of pocket. Now as law abiding smugglers they were not having any of that hence they organised the Boston tea party and with a bit of judicious propaganda a revolution was born. So what is the moral of this story - I haven't got a clue, just thought you would like know that all.

North Northwester said...

Thanks for the a bientot comments folks - and good luck to you all inthe local difficulty to come. It's gonna be a doozy.

And Antisthenes - I think the moral is that national myths can come from almost anywhere (including black propaganda) and yet still inspire loyalty, decency, emulation and downright heroism for all that.

I'm for national myths.

GCooper said...

Bon voyage, NNW!

I had wondered about your diminished output and I'm relieved to hear it's due to an entirely benign infection.

Do, if you have the time, drop us the occasional morsel and good luck with good work - UKIP deserves all our support, as do you.

Antisthenes said...

I to wish you all the best.

Just a parting shot:

I think the moral is that national myths can come from almost anywhere (including black propaganda) and yet still inspire loyalty, decency, emulation and downright heroism for all that.

Dodgy ground that; any totalitarian government could equally excuse black propaganda for the same reason.

North Northwester said...

GCooper - thanks friend, and in the word s of Arnold...I'll be back.


Thanks too., and as for this:
"any totalitarian government could equally excuse black propaganda for the same reason."

Your comment is true, they could and indeed do do such things more often than not.
And that's the "eternal vigilance" part of the cost of freedom.
Anything, no matter how good, can be used by the jokers and swine amongst us to hurt and rip off and insult others - think of all those tortured and killed in the name of Jesus, or the children's' lives blighted in the name of parental love, or the excessive patriotism that's chauvinism and the harm it has caused...

It's up to citizens to point out when a myth is being used evilly, and when it's being used for good.

Our own national myth of the slow growth of legitimate power, of ever-increasing representative government and of ever-more open institutions tend to ignore the vileness of life in Viking-age England, or the horrors after the Norman conquest, or just what some of our parliamentarians got up to in Ireland in the Interregnum.
However, a man could speak his mind pretty much on politics and religion by the time Britain was alone in the West fighting Nazism, and if anyone had attacked me today for working for UKIP they would have been doing wrong and everyone [though possibly not the PC police thanks to New Labour] would have known it.
Myths are treasures and worthwhile proportionately to how well we use them and how well we treat them... and keep them from legitimising tyranny.

Antisthenes said...

NW, I am not sure your response answers the question, but then I know my limitation and that may be because I am somewhat intellectually challenged.

However I liked what you said.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


As a matter of curiosity, which constituency are you traipsing the ground in, and who's your PPC?

James Higham said...

Good luck and may scallops rock yer tadger.

GCooper said...

Good to see you;re still around Dangerouslysubversive... I used to enjoy your blog, too.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Hey G, just don't have the time anymore what with being a househusband nowadays. Not overly conducive to deep political posting...

North Northwester said...

Antisthenes, I’m not sure I answered you either – my leafleting-addled brain possibly went off at a tangent. I get things wrong, especially early in the mornings, as, no doubt, Marcus Brigstocke’s plastic surgeons probably did.
It’s news to me that the Boston Tea Party was an attempt by smugglers to oppose tax/trade liberalisation, but as lying propaganda goes it still spawned a nation prepared to spill oceans of blood for freedom and democracy, and to bankroll its defeated enemies in Japan and Europe, and to defend the whole lot of them against the Soviets and Islam. I just wonder what kind of a world we’d be stuck with if Germany’s accusations about Polish attack on Sender Gleiwitz had gone down as truth. We know what happened when the bourgeoisie got the rap for Russian poverty….

Dangerouslysubversivedad … sorry friend, I can’t tell you. I don’t much fancy being outed because the only readily available employment for whistle blowers in Castle City involves the doorways of untenanted shops and mongrel dogs on strings.
Perhaps we’ll meet each other some day as ourselves: Clark Something and Bruce Whoever: just two ‘Kippers dancing on the grave of Cameron’s Quisling policies…

James Higham
“Good luck and may scallops rock yer tadger.”
No saner sentence pronounced by any Conservative and Unionist this year, as far as I can tell, James.


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