Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Werewolves of prudence

Even a man who is pure in heart

and says his prayers by night

may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms

and the autumn moon is bright.

I’m not a socialist, but…

Usually, I’m a huge fan of the Taxpayers’ Alliance: they are doing the job of public finance sanity and fiscal prudence that used to be at the economic heart of the Tory Party. Whether the Conservatives were truly as penny-wise as they made themselves out to be, they had a reputation for it and whenever Britain was in the financial mire (such as after any Liberal government or Liberal-led mishmash, or any Labour administration or any exhausting war against some European evil or other) the Conservatives and their predecessors were the go-to guys for financial salvation. Then came John Major.

Today, not so much.

But the TPA has been swimming and continues to swim upstream against New Labour’s torrent of public-sector expenditure madness; whether its revenues are raised directly from the citizenry by taxation or indirectly extorted from us via sucking up the real wealth in ‘borrowing’ from the lenders whom it has corrupted and in deliberate inflation. It’s in there nationally and on a daily basis calling the quarters against the State’s zombie armies of spend n’ spend world destroyers. They really are well organised and doing a great job

So it’s disappointing that when it comes to football, some of it staunchest supporters turn out to be Generation Game give away the towels and the set of wine glasses and a portable TV as the rest of us Fallen Ones.

Here’s part of the article in question.

News broke this week that Northern Rock, which is of course owned by taxpayers, has spent £10 million sponsoring Newcastle United. It's absurd that a bank who needed our cash to keep its head above water is now using that money to sponsor sports teams.

Even TPA Campaign Director Mark Wallace - who is a Newcastle fan - criticised the move in this week's press, saying: "A bank that needed to be bailed out by taxpayers should be focusing on repaying that money. Even if they want to spend £10million on advertising, there are much better targeted ways to do that which could reap bigger rewards."

But of the commentators who say they favour the TPA’s approach, two out of three draw the line the wrong side of prudence with footie.

Hmmm, I'm not sure about this, even as a staunch supporter of the TPA. Fundamentally, football is still an area where the citizens of Great Britain continue to waste their dwindling resources. I for one, simply via their association with a resurgent football team, might assume that the fortunes of Northern Rock had changed likewise, and I think that this is probably the subconscious impact they are aiming for, in turn sparking a quite possible upsurge in confidence and investment. Sorry.


I am a big big fan of TPA and read their website daily.

However, all businesses need to advertise/promote themselves and although Northern Rock has been bailed out by the Taxpayer, as a business person, I believe that they must advertise/promote themselves to gain new customers and ultimately pays us back. Whether or not the sponsorship deal is good value for money, I don't know.

This is the first time I have had to disagree with TPA. I hope TPA keep up the good work.

Are we all socialists now?

Maybe these commentators have a point, but still and all thinking that Northern Rock is a business in the usual sense is a bit…poetic? The swine who ran it led Britain down Gordon Brown’s primrose path of destruction and now we’re supposed to accept the same cosy local profits for local pols and local ‘businessmen’ at national expense deal less than two years on from mortgage Armageddon. ‘Small’ sums are involved, if you are of the class of people who thing of millions of pounds as small, but even so, TPA fans, don’t they know the power of symbolism?

One of them does:

... I don't want NUFC to be the subject of this sort of back-door pseudo nationalisation. The biggest problem the North East has is our crushing addiction to public spending; its destroyed our formerly great culture of private entrepreneurship and has locked us into long-term relative poverty (see the way relative GVA has "grown" in the region over the last decade). Every penny of additional public investment is therefore bad for US, let alone what it means for taxpayers as a whole.

Every man has his price, and I work in the bloated benefits bureaucracy and so I’m very familiar with hunting with the hounds and running with the fox so these TPA weak sisters don’t exactly surprise me, but any movement or party such as our nation must soon find or perish needs its members to be plentiful and varied in their interests and expertise in order to overcome the many kinds of obstacles that good governance meets – and especially when some aspects of the political life of that nation seem irredeemable even by the brightest and keenest of its specialists.

You need national security campaigners; and those eager to see the upholding (or even the establishment of the Queen’s Peace); and educational reactionaries; and defenders of the national church and religious freedom; and public employment reducers; and those who will go to hell and back to support the family; and people who don’t believe that (however many) million pounds of our money being spent on supporting a football team could be a good thing.

Worse even than his abasement before the European imperial project and the family-hating Left-wing political class is David Cameron’s ceaseless work to make the Tory Party a place that is neither a broad church nor a deep one where many voices and much wisdom will prevail.

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DJ said...

Well, that's the problem with the whole bail-out thing. We could have said the hell with it and let market forces run free - the Mad Max option. Or maybe gone for a controlled crash, but instead we've had McDoom as the Messiah, washing away their financial sins and telling them to go away and sin no more, and no more lending to idiots neither.

Once it was decided to keep Northern Crock as a going concern that pretty much mandated allowing it to act as a full-on bank and do bank stuff. Hey, even Nationwide the nation's biggest, and most sanctimonious, mutual sponsors the England team, so there must be some upside to the whole sponsorship thing.

All of which is by way of saying that however frustrating it is seeing Crock carry on as normal - and with the same low-life staff - having it run as some kind of People's Bank would be the only way to make things even worse.

James Higham said...

But the TPA has been swimming and continues to swim upstream against New Labour’s torrent of public-sector expenditure madness; whether its revenues are raised directly from the citizenry by taxation or indirectly extorted from us via sucking up the real wealth in ‘borrowing’ from the lenders whom it has corrupted and in deliberate inflation.

Nobody is doing anything [Edmund Burke's warning]. The TPA is continuing to stress it, we at Albion Alliance provide actions to follow which would see the government have to consider their position vis a vis their constituencies and yet none of us are lifting a finger to do these actions.

It's like we're all watching a train wreck about to happen and blogging about it.

North Northwester said...

DJ, of course you're right, given the corner we've been backed into and just what's underfoot - or at least just below mouth level. Forgive me, but I just don't see the rule of nature that mandates the State's broken-winged chicks to spend like sailors home from the Arctic over footie.
Sure; let the gummint buy a chunk of stock proportionate to or a bit greater than the value of the toxic assets and say 'Thou shalt not do anything but sell new mortgages and pay out interest - if any - to savers.' And keep on their backs about it. A nice little earner for the taxpayers of my grand children's generation perhaps. But the whole ball of wax with a bunch of Geordie Subbuteo muppets on top? It's exactly not like taking the Ipods and plasma screen off Killer Magee of K Block: austerity wouldn't make two hundred white plastic shod Kelleys and Sharons riot and tear off their nail extensions or anything.

I'd have thought that even a minimally honest and competent Labour administration could sell 'no frills with taxpayers' cash' to a population angry with the bankers.

Consider the lilies.

Sod it, we’re CONSERVATIVES. Consider the Constitution. We’re the people who wait angrily for elections and hit the worst guys hardest (or the second worst if you’re playing a slightly tactical game as I am.) You only have to look over at Old Holborn and other ‘right of centre’ blogs to see that the frustration has broken a few brains on the Right. Libertarian republicanism. Proportional representation. An elected upper house shorn of the hereditaries. Hanging politicians. Rioting in the streets. Little Englandism. Isolationism. That’s the heirs-of-Thatcher Right?

TPA and Albion Alliance and the Freedom Association and all that plus our blogs is all about keeping the faith – it’s propaganda in the original sense of the expression and building up or maintaining a head of steam to resist the nationwide betrayal that the summer will bring. The Committees of Correspondence didn’t DO much, I think, but they were there when the British fouled up – and ready for government, to coin a phrase. I’ll be door-knocking and leafleting for UKIP and you’ll be picking and choosing and biding your time with whatever enthusiasm or lack of it according to your candidate’s position on a referendum. Come the Day After, we’ll be ready to deal with those events. That’s what you do in a democracy if you want to keep it a democracy. You moan and you electioneer and then you campaign from the Friday morning whilst the victors are planning their Quisling Parliament. It’s not exciting, but it’s the game we’re in. I like boredom – I can’t throw a Molotov cocktail worth a damn these days, not with my back.


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