Sunday, 3 January 2010

Rejoice. Rejoice.

It’s not despair you understand; nor even the twisted hope that somewhere, someone is assembling a high-velocity leadership challenge for the Tory Party, because I truly do believe in the rule of law.

No. It’s just that sometimes, even when things are bleakest, you just have to speak or write the truth.

This is from Conservative Home which, from the comments you get on the site on those posts where commenting is actually enabled, seems to be the Belgium of the British ‘Right’ – in all senses of the word ‘Belgium.’

Cameron promises to invite other main party leaders into war cabinet if he becomes Prime Minister

COMMENT: "David Cameron's first speech of the election year did not contain much new but was interesting for its emphasis on bipartisanship and the commitment to invite other party leaders into the war cabinet of any Cameron administration:

"I can announce today that if we win this year's election, I will invite leaders of the main opposition parties to attend the war cabinet on a regular basis so they can offer their advice and insights. When a nation is at war, it needs to pull together. I am determined that with a Conservative government, it will."

This will appeal to the great many swing voters who like the idea of parties working together in the national interest."

I can actually see great advantages in this.

It would be a good thing to have all the main parliamentary parties on board; sharing their knowledge and opinions and helping to make policy in the national interest, and thus to command greater crossbench support in both Commons and Lords when hard and controversial measures need to be made for common defence against the totalitarian threats that face us.

The Liberal and Labour Parties served well alongside the Conservative Majority in the Second World War and I would have little fear that if the leaders of those parties were intimately involved in the struggle against our jihadist attackers our county would be well led indeed.

But given that the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats of the Third Millennium are stuffed to the gills with pacifists, veterans of the British movement to promote Soviet hegemony called CND and with people who actively hate western civilisation and who wish to destroy it from within, I feel that David Cameron had better bring those parties into his War Cabinet who have no history of approving or excusing communist, Fenian, or jihadist terrorism or active involvement with nationwide organised subversion intended to break up the Union and hand the parts over to various foreign powers. This would be the UK Independence Party, the Ulster Unionists and most of the BNP’s national membership, and I can foresee some problems with that.

Oh, and if you seek popularity through targetting ‘swing voters,’ how about reintroducing hanging for murderers: particularly of child murderers and cop killers?

Highglights not verbatim of Mr Cameron's speech:

11.42am: (Big announcement): Cameron says that he will establish a National Security Council on day one of a Tory government and will invite the leaders of the other two main parties to sit in the war cabinet on a regular basis when the country is in conflict.

11.39am: You can trust Conservatives to deliver on promises because…

Where would we be without the gift of laughter?

…you can see we have changed ourselves.

And there you have it. Bulls eye. “Vote for us because we aren’t us.” We’re not Maggie Thatcher. Like, ew! We’re a little bit John Major but not at all Winston Churchill who wasn’t kind to all the foreigners. We’re certainly not Benjamin Disraeli who feared the Two Nations of Prosperous and Poor: forever opposed and unconnected, because if we had one iota of Dizzy’s nous, we’d realize that Britain is now Three Nations: the welfare predators; their Big State apparatchiks that herd them and feed on them, and the producers on whom they all graze.

We have opened up candidate selection and have many more women and candidates from ethnic minorities.

We are just the same as politically correct social engineering New Labour but without the proletarian charm of Tony Blair and Jack Straw.

Not only that, candidates are undertaking social action projects in their constituencies.

Civic pride, charities, voluntary work leadership – all good, old, conservative things. I can’t help feeling that social action projects involve rather a lot more national taxpayers’ money and public employees than the real thing. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

Throughout the last four years we've worked with other parties - with Labour on education reform…

Which is like working with Sinn Fein on local government reform, except that it’s already been done.

…and the Liberal Democrats on fairness for the Gurkhas.

And in WW2 and the Falklands you’ve found a couple British wars that all but the bicycle-eating, allotment-tending, alpaca-wearing wooden bead Buddhists of the Lib Dems' Far Left can admit were a bit okay.

Well done, Mister Cameron: you’ve discovered the Liberal Democrats’ Sensible Neurone.

We have called for election debates whatever our opinion poll position because they are the right thing for democracy.

We will undertake the most dramatic decentralisation of power in Britain for a generation.

Yes – national power will head straight outwards to Brussels and Strasbourg on the one hand and inwards to the fake charities and quangos that concoct and administer funds for social action projects on the other. I’m thrilled. Really.

11.37am: We will also rebuild society.

Does anything in the experience of the last 65 years of hands-on, top-down, centralized social engineering tell them that it is possible and wise to ‘build’ society? Have these bozos ever heard of Michael Oakshott, Edmund Burke, Friedrich Hayek or Roger Scruton? Hasn’t George ‘Two Brains Osborne’, the intellectual powerhouse behind the New Tory Party discovered that even some top government scientists now believe social engineering is a whole lot more dangerous in the hands of national government than just plain letting people get on with it ever was?

I mean, it’s not like the Right is short of several generations’ worth of brilliant, detailed, and thoroughly peer-reviewed studies (of the sort readable even by top pols) explaining with handy footnotes and pictures just exactly how the whole notion of ‘building society’ sucks like a top-of-the-range-Dyson in a pillow fight?

Comprehensive education. Prison reform. Council housing tower blocks. Town planning. The Probation Service. Income Support. Child-related benefits. Prison reform. The permissive society. Child-centered education. Criminal court sentencing reform. Local government reorganization. ‘European’ ‘Legislation.’

Are there any bells ringing in the (you should excuse the expression) minds at Tory HQ? Or are all the active brains outside the back locked in the, um, powerhouse?

We are progressive conservatives who will protect NHS funding.

This actually isn’t controversial at all.

Given that the only religion common to the British is their belief in the NHS despite anything and everything that shows it to be a disease-raddled, incompetent, murderous hell-hole of corruption and excessive costs, Mister Cameron’s merely admitting here that his cabinet will be subject to the law of gravity, if not the ancient laws of the land.

Of course, when the money runs out for everything else and he’s still trying to ‘fully fund’ the Stalinist Beveridge project, the stretcher bearers won’t be carrying him to an NHS hospital.

Through a pupil premium we'll get extra resources to poor children.

Local Education Authorities, in all their treasonous Gramscian power, will still exist and will therefore control teacher recruitment, ‘training,’ indoctrination and employment from top to bottom.

So it won’t work if the only choices for schoolchildren and their parents are A) Left-wing indoctrinated school A; or B) Left-wing indoctrinated school B; or C) Left-wing indoctrinated school C; or D) go ‘private’ by attending direct fee-paying schools (if any) or via the housing market which represents the true mechanism of parental schools choice, or E) help build a theocratic element into education via attendance at ‘faith schools.’.

Or does pupil premium refer to some new source of kebab meat or ocular treatment?

Through welfare reform we'll give people independence and dignity.

Well, they could sack me I suppose, so that would be one welfare ‘crat down and a few hundred thousand to go, but if the Tories don’t stop the fountainhead at it source: the pudendas of tax-supported third, fourth, fifth and more-time mothers, they won’t save substantial sums of money.

We'll strengthen families.

How? By imprisoning ‘wife’ beaters for less than the twentieth offence and by not allowing the accusers to with draw their allegations because they ‘forgive’ the tattooed scum who smack the dozy cows and their kids around? By insisting on ‘Asian’ girls going to mainstream British non-Muslim schools all the way to the age of 16 and by pursuing them with the force of law when they disappear? By tying any (limited) child-related benefits to the mother and by making child support work instead of abolishing the Child Support Agency?

We'll increase Britain's commitment to the poorest people of the world.

If that means the ‘Gazans’ I’d rather the Tory leadership fellated their own loaded shotguns right now, thank you so very much. But you never know; it might be female black Africans, the Indian Untouchables, and some Australian Aborigines that they mean, though I suspect there are other agencies than the UK taxpayer who ought to be helping such folk out.

11.34am: Conservatives have been honest about the need to cut spending but much more than that we need a complete overhaul of the economy. There'll be a cut in the main corporation tax, a new high speed rail network

To be paid for, now doubt, out of the profits made from discovering cheap, clean, renewable and sustainable power sources such as: unicorn droppings; the cornucopia; and Mister Crazy McCrazy’s perpetual motion battery – you know, the one he’s invented and that he tells us about at work to disguise his utter unwillingness to get a paid job rather than live on benefits?

...and 100,000 more apprenticeships as we build a new dynamic and enterprising economy.

Does the phrase ‘unfunded pensions crisis’ mean anything to these jokers? The true level of national debt?

11.33am: Britain can't go on with a divided government. The campaign to win the General Election starts today. On Monday we'll publish first chapter of our manifesto.

Entitled ‘What I did on my holidays,’ no doubt.

They are so trivial, peripheral, and ignorant. All this will do is to confirm the New Labour agenda and ‘achievements’ as permanent and desirable.

Even treating these clowns an anti-Labour protest vote will be worse than wasted. God help us all.

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James Higham said...

Cameron's war cabinet idea is a very frightening thing. What he means is one party government with him in control. Not even Brown asked for that.

As the post you missed said [because I saw you come in a bit too early today, NNWer], Westminster is a toothless lion shackled and on its last legs.

We are now the EU and England is no more. Cameron is to head a hung parliament of dispirited and irrelevant politicians draining our pockets even further.

Jade said...

“measures need to be made for common defence against the totalitarian threats that face us”

... which include our own politicians surely?

“‘You can trust Conservatives to deliver on promises because…’ Where would we be without the gift of laughter?”

I nearly wet myself!

Jade said...

As I think about it - surely a statement that basically says “you can trust us because we're not what we said we were before” is a direct indication that one cannot?

North Northwester said...

James, yes I agree that we are occupied territory with Cameron as our Quisling to be. However, from a variety of places, we are fighting back, aren't we? I take it that the Tory true believers have at least contingency plans for his Obamalite administration failing in office? And I know that we UKIP types have plans.

Jade, of course I'm including our Gramscian, dhimmi, and downright fascist pols - but we are supposed to be the defence against them; not our gallant servicemen.

And in Cameron's case, I think the only sure thing about him is that he can't be trusted.


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