Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Had their chips?

Ministers deny salt supply crisis
Salt in Aberdeen
More than 4,000 tonnes of salt arrived by ship at Aberdeen harbour

Ministers have insisted there are "very substantial" supplies of salt and grit for Scotland's roads as some councils say they are running low.

Fife Council said it had run out of supplies before several tonnes arrived on Monday afternoon.

In Renfrewshire, only major roads were being treated to conserve stocks and authorities in the Highlands were expecting a salt delivery on Tuesday.

The finance secretary said there were delivery issues but salt was available.

Given the Soviet-style attitude of our government; its massive overspending on wealth-destroying bureaucracy and in hiring permanent Labour voting blocs by creating whole classes of placemen; oh, and its attitude to honesty, I'd say that the BBC's moral-boosting photo here is likely to be a stock shot.
Which means that the land of the deep-fried Mars Bar might be experiencing vinegar-only chips for some time.

Dammit, even Stalin didn't run out of salt, and for obvious reasons.

Do you think the government could clear our icy roads of all this global warming with ASBOs?

1 comment:

DJ said...

To quote the fishhead guy: IT'S A TRAP!!!

I'm seeing a whole new army of Cold Weather Coordination Officers emerging like flowers in the desert after the rain, except in a sewerage works.


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