Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Because I’m worthless

The quality of mercy is not strained.

These days, thanks to whack-job liberals so dozy they make dormice seem like multiple Asbo-violators on Taurine-rich energy drinks, mercy is getting on for claiming its on zillionth victim of an isolated act rooted in a unique personal experience.

Surprisingly illustrated, by
the BBC

Boy detained over bleach attack in Leeds restaurant

A teenager who poured bleach over a woman at a restaurant in Leeds has been detained for 12 months.
Jordan Horsley, 16, was found guilty at an earlier hearing of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent.
Leeds Crown Court heard how Annette Warden, 46, asked the boy and his friends to be quiet during a film at the Vue cinema on Kirkstall Road.
Later, as Mrs Warden and her family ate in a nearby restaurant, the boy came in and poured bleach on her head.

So far, so yawn. It’s also 1970s; all so Moral Panic: you know, that pathology that the Combined Left ascribe to conservatives who’ve been saying for decades that if you deliberately remove some of the props and safeguards that have been built up over centuries to protect civilisation, eventually you will get...less civilization. Or none.
And it gets beyond Moral Panic when some ‘Right-wing pundit’ chooses to point out which came first: the donkey or the hearse. Or the plastic surgeon I’m afraid, in this case.

I’ve been told to be brief, so I’ll cut to the chase.

It was revealed in court that Horsley had a previous conviction for hitting someone over the head with half a brick and had also been cautioned for assault on a separate occasion.
The boy, whose mother died when he was young, had suffered a violent relationship with his father and was living by himself at the time of the attack.
Judge Peter Collier QC, said social services had been involved with the family but said matters had not been resolved "satisfactorily".
"You have not been well-served in your life by your father and there must be some concerns as to the intervention that was attempted as you were growing up, which never resolved the issues which you still have," he said.

According to this judge, then, Horsley was, and remains a victim.

In a sense, our bewigged intellectual titan is correct: the lack of a family (and that means relatives of the abusive father or late mother) around him to protect him or take him away, and without any real community around him to notice and report on any brutalizing violence, of any teachers prepared to go the distance (or few such teachers, we may find that reports were ignored or filed if this is ever investigated so ‘lessons can be learned’); let alone previous judges who might have tempered ‘mercy’ with sanity, and any idea of right and wrong and moral agency on the part of the last-resort social services do seem likely to have compelled this boy to grow up as a merciless and spiteful savage which thinks a pint of Domestos is a fitting reply to some fuddy-duddy who doesn’t see the fun side of texting throughout some dreary old Quidditch scene.

Any part of civilized life might have prevented Horsley from degenerating into a Morlock, but you can bet that at every level the liberals have been busy causing this problem and making it worse every blood-stained step of the way, and especially undermining the very notion of authority, and especially in relation to
children who fall under its power.

Spare the rod and spoil the child doesn’t mean if you don’t beat them senseless then they’ll turn into chocolate-addicted demanding, sailor-suited Little Lord Fauntleroys, but rather that their very lives will be ruined, along with a great deal of collateral damage. If you don’t enforce the boundaries as well as explain them to children, you won’t get children; but Junior Huns instead. Horsley’s ruined, and his own learned evil is only the proximate cause.

Given the register of the judge’s language, I‘m not convinced that he is off the hook liberal-stupididealism-wise…

…and there must be some concerns as to the intervention that was attempted as you were growing up, which never resolved the issues which you still have.

The SpokesPlod concerned comes over as a bit, well, cumulo-nimbus, too: perhaps the victim of a Confundus Charm, or is maybe acting out a favourite scene from Heartbeat.

…a West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Jordan Horsley's actions were utterly vindictive and understandably left people shocked and sickened.
"The victim had made a perfectly reasonable request for him and the group he was with to be quiet during the film. She could never have expected that he would react in such a nasty and violent way….

Perhaps he’s weakened from malnutrition, by dint of being on a fast. Or a Vegan.
No, really: from your actual Vega.

Poor Mrs Warden might have been lucky enough not to live where abuse and violence from tearaways is expected, but what sort of ‘Police officer’ would imagine otherwise.?
I’ve missed something, I know it. What is it?

Hat tip to Shlomo over at
House of Dumb.


Anonymous said...

I am astounded by this case; this kid is a stone cold psycho scumbag, yet the courts attitude is poor lamb...

So anyone in for a sweepstake on how long before he kills someone?

6 months in mickey mouse detention is not going to change this kids life direction. Certainly not holding him responsible for his actions aint gonna work either.

JuliaM said...

Judge Collier (in his verdict) referred to this case as 'unique', which I thought showed a rather poor grasp of the situation on the streets of the Britain he and his kind hath wrought...

North Northwester said...

Anonymous, welcome [back?] and thanks for your comment. You can see where the psychopathy crept in, though; can't you? Each schoolteacher or classroom assistant who let something go with unenforced threats of vague punishment, or who obliged an early years bully to apologise and its unavenged victims to accept such wordiness with a smile, every authority he's ever met has let him down. he's ruined, and lives and educations along the way? Collateral damage in the Left's war on authority.

Julia, I see you have expanded upon your theme, and thanks for the link. I thought it was the whisky-swigging hunting Anglican judges who were out of touch; not the touchy feely libs..?


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