Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Whispering grass

Via Julia, from Constantly Furious, another film they don't want you to see or know about.

#trafigura - all over again

Once again, the evil law-monkeys Carter Ruck have got a media organisation - this time the mighty BBC - exactly where they want 'em, bent over and braced to squeal like a piggie.

According to the (admittedly usually execrable) New Statesman, Carter Fuck have bullied Newsnight into removing all reference to their investigation into the Trafigura story from its website.

Now, we've all talked about the Trafigura - or #trafigura as the tweetsphere calls it - scandal before, haven't we? Carter Fuck failed to gag the Grauniad over this shocking case, and there's no reason to think they won't fail again here.

They probably know that, but the authoritarian urges die hard, especially when you're being paid five hundred fucking quid an hour to indulge them.

So, here's the video Tragiura and Carter Fuck would rather you didn't see..

If you have a blog, post it there too. If not, bring all your mates round here. Tweet this URL, along with #trafigura. Let's make sure everyone sees this.

If the BBC are going to bottle out, the blogosphere will have to pick up the load.

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banned said...

Have the injuncted Playgirl Tiger Woods pics been liberated yet ?


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