Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What's right about this?

British man said to be mentally ill executed in China

A British man convicted of drug smuggling in China has been executed, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

Akmal Shaikh, 53, a father-of-three, of London, had denied any wrongdoing and his family said he was mentally ill.


Scumbags Out! said...

Funny. He doesn't look very "British" to me. I wonder if the FO et al would have made the same strenuous efforts to get him off if he HAD actually been ethnically British? No? How surprising. Same thing happened with that "British girl" who got herself in trouble for the same heroin importation lark in Thailand. Turned out to be some Nigerian bitch who'd been squatting in London for 9 years. Easy to acquire British citizenship and protection nowadays, innit? Moving forward.....

North Northwester said...

Welcome, Scumbags out!, and thanks for your comment.

I can tell you're upset about something, but don't hold back, friend: tell us how you REALLY feel! ;-)

Scumbags Out! said...

Hi NWer, yeah, and not only that but the bitch came back up the duff 'n all, so not only do we have to pay for her worthless arse to be incarcerated at our expense, we also have to cough up the cost of child care for the resulting multi-coloured sprog when that future criminal eventually plops out.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Returning to China.

Na. I am of the opinion, that any one that comes to MY country should obey the laws, traditions and culture of that country IMPLICITLY.

SO, if China wants to execute drug dealing murderers GREAT!

Let them.

Saves US in Europe having to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Being mentally 'ill' is the justification profered of many freshly caught felons.
It is a thing learned in the 'human rightss' classes of the underworld.
Good for China not messing about. Akmal wont try that on again in a hurry.

North Northwester said...

Hmm, I think we've got a consensus here - British law to be followed at all times by all people in Britain and we must respect the laws of countries where we are guests.

No, that's just crazy. What kind of a world would you get then? Not multicultural at all, I'd say, and that would never do.


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