Friday, 11 December 2009

Slay bells ring. Are you listening?

Sorry about the trite title, and also if you're already fully aware of this piece of pop trivia, but The Soldiers have released a Christmas single on top of their commercial album ( a proportion of whose sales are going to charities including Help For Heroes, the British Legion and the Army Benevolent Fund).
I don't know if any fraction of the Christmas single takings is going to any charity or whether it's purely commercial, but...

Wouldn't it be nice if, instead of whiny, self-loving X Factor puppets who 'deserve to be successful' because they 'want it so much,' some people who have actually risked it all for us and for values that our entire political class is busily throwing under an avalanche of fascistic legislation; the carbon gravy train; and the slavery of paying off State debt that they are building for my daughter and her kids actually rise to the top of the
, ahem, cliff this Christmas? So that when our tax-bloated, armour-denying politicians turn briefly away from their cheeseboards and port, to ask their daughters who the band are they're swooning over, then those particular daughters can say: "It's the soldiers, Daddy. You know, the ones you sent to Afghanistan?"

I'm all for this war. The enemy declared it on us and I hope that our forces go on fighting the fight. I'm also for the culture wars, and if our whole leadership is busily auctioning off our nation's future to carbon dealers, the European Empire and the kleptocrat oil states, then having real public servants make a bob or two and point out the difference between themselves and the pols would be the best Christmas present ever.
Think of the dhimmis and the Gramscian Marxists and the jihadists listening to The Soldiers this festive season.

Priceless. It's a quid.

And remember that, politically speaking in today's 'Britain' , revenge is a dish best served by shoving it right up the traitor class sideways and without gravy, and with fire ants and acid thrown in their eyes.


James Higham said...

My prescription for the ill is Tyburn Hill.

CherryPie said...

There is a Facebook group called - Sod the X-Factor Let's Get THE SOLDIERS To Number One For Christmas!!!

According to the Soldiers YouTube page 25 pence of each sale of going to the Army Benevolent Fund.

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