Saturday, 12 December 2009

Semper doh

Blood will flow.

One of the 'facts' about which we are assured by those wise rulers who seek to censor our freedom of speech about the darkest aspects of Islam as it is actually practised in much of the world is this: if we should so much as point out that, for example: Islamist Muslims really are taught to despise the rest of humanity; or to indicate that Koran, Sira, and Hadith contain numerous examples of hostile and downright lethal injunctions to Muslims to wage undending warfare on the rest of Mankind with the intent to subjugate us; or that the present violent acts of Islamist Muslims are motivated by those parts of Islam about which we are not to discuss, then brutal, bloody, and unreasoning vengeance will generally break out as mobs of unbelievers; inflamed by our mentioning these truths, seek to punish any and all Muslims, irrespective of their beliefs, morality, motives or general law-abiding behaviour.

Geert Wilders was excluded from Britain in case his discussion of Islamism in the Netherlands should lead to outbreaks of Islamophobic vigilantism in the UK.

Mark Steyn was taken to the kangaroo court of the Ontario Human Rights Commission for articles critical of some aspects of Islam and was witch-hunted and found guilty in advance, whilst being the first ever defendant not to be formally condemned by that insane body and was variously defended and maligned by its officials thus: "There was no hearing, no evidence presented and no opportunity to offer a defence — just a pronouncement of wrongdoing." The OHRC defended its right to comment by stating, "Like racial profiling and other types of discrimination, ascribing the behaviour of individuals to a group damages everyone in that group. We have always spoken out on such issues. Maclean’s and its writers are free to express their opinions. The OHRC is mandated to express what it sees as unfair and harmful comment or conduct that may lead to discrimination."

Today's demonstration by the English branch of Stop The Islamification of Europe has attracted similar 'fears' of knuckle-dragging racists as 'anti-fascist' UAF and Islamists misrepresent its members as being. Last time, the anti-Islamification protest was called off by the organsiers for fear of harm to the police, but the violence went on anyway, which only left one source of rioting and bigotry.

Now, despite all those dire warnings of massive and vicious persecution of innocent Muslims by individuals inflamed by the very mention of Islam's scriptural cruelties and historical and present oppressiveness, what hasn't happened is widescale or even small-scale mosque burnings; hangings; or beatings of Muslims in the West (except perhaps by their enraged male relatives) as a result of this talk. Nor as a result of the gloating pronouncements of Islamists about our foreign policy. Nor for harrassment against Western troops. Nor for calling for the murders of Britain's colourful artistic temperament community. Nor for attempted terrorism. Nor for successful terrorism.

There have been some beatings, it seems; but we may never know what motivated that attack, but not the holocaust we're always promised every time someone quotes the murky passages of the Koran or from Islamists' own words and deeds or publish pictures or writing about Islam and Muslims.

Hey guys, are we Islamophobic hate-mongers not trying hard enough or what?

You know what? This is all so insulting. Insulting to the Muslims who find scriptural reasons to question the violent and brutal aspects of Islam and oppose its practices. Insulting to the Muslims who ignore the dark stuff and peacefully get on with their lives regardless of it. Insulting to the rest of us who are quite capable of discriminating between the killer crazies and the Muslims who work in our hospitals and colleges and supermarkets and schools and restaurants and shops and who just want to take whatever comfort and salvation they can from their faith.

The 'Don't mention the Jihad' argument has more holes in it than a, well, you know.

And if talking about it is bad enough, what bloodthirsty massacres will follow the Swiss'vote refusing to allow any more minarets to be built in their country.

Let's just wait here for the claret to rain down over the Alps at the hands of us killer infidels, yeah?

Just sitting here.


Any time now.

It's going to be scary, you betcha.

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JuliaM said...

I'm not sure reality counts for anything with these people anymore.


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