Sunday, 1 November 2009

Patriotic Right not stupid - huge shocka

And I was just a boy, giving it all away.

I’ve been pondering these last few days quite how to respond to David Cameron’s recent statements about the EU and Lisbon, and waited until I had something politely-worded to post on the subject.

Mrs. Northwester assures me that I’ll go straight back in the cellar and the chains’ll go right back on me (and not in a nice husband and wife relaxing in the privacy of their own home and just how they do it is nobody else’s business kind of way) if I don’t find something positive to say about the Leader of the Op.

Okay, here goes. Any second now. Phew. Gulp. Cripes.

David Cameron has led the Conservative and Unionist Party of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from being merely one amongst several opposition parties that did not: debauch the Constitution; install separatist administrations in each of the non-English parts of the Union; corrupt public service to such an extent that Party and State have merged indistinguishably in some places; import as many foreigners as possible to deliberately change forever the nature of British demographics; bankrupt the public finances; or render Britain’s wholly necessary and righteous defensive war of existential survival against the world’s most virulent and confident totalitarianism unpopular with the very people whom it protects (including the united Right who should be 100% behind its prosecution if not its conduct in detail), to being the very party that might just win a huge majority at the polls.

Well done, Mister Cameron.

Conversely, he might only lead them to a hung parliament (as distinguished from a hanged parliament which is an entirely different thing.)

‘Ah’, you might say, ‘But that hung parliament story was immediately after Labour’s party conference when all the cameras were on it and its leaders were being interviewed in a sympathetic light. I’ll be different in a real general election.’

To which I might reply, ‘Well, what do you think the mainstream media’s election coverage is going to look like next summer? What do you think the BBC’s treatment of Labour versus the Conservatives' ‘Left v Right’ struggle will resemble – from an ‘impartial’ national broadcaster that two weeks ago all but supplied David Dimbleby with a wig, black silk cloth and Royal Navy cutlass for the Nick Griffin edition of Question Time?’ Perhaps that Tory lead is not as solid as it seems.

More than that, perhaps it is not evenly spread.

Here’s part of why. Last year Mister Cameron was full of vim; giving it some rabbit about what he’d do if the Lisbon Treaty which is The European Union’s permanent Constitution in a fig leaf disguise (the fig leaf being all of our broadcast media plus almost everybody in each of the three main parties and the Celtic-fringe Nationalists and most of the national newspapers and news magazines) was passed into 'law.'

Via Voice of the Resistance we are reminded of Cameron’s 2008 words:

The Tories would hold a referendum on the EU treaty, if they won power before it was ratified by all EU states. Party leader David Cameron said even if Parliament ratified the treaty, a Tory government would hold a referendum.

Translation: ‘I’ll give the British people a say in which nation(s) shall govern them despite what the New Labour State decrees in this, its last Parliament.’

Give it to me, big boy. It’s so big. It’s so hard.

By April this year he’d lost a little of that delightful buzz.

”We have pledged that if the constitution is not in force in the event of the election of a Conservative government this year or next, we will hold a referendum on it, urge a no vote, and – if successful – reverse Britain’s ratification”.

Translation: ‘I will not give the British people a say in which nation(s) shall govern them despite what the New Labour State decrees in this, its last Parliament. But I’ll make a fuss about any fait accompli.’

Um, do it a little harder please, Dave. Don’t stop.

By today, the rabbit’s batteries have gone quite flat.

David Cameron is set to announce within days that he will not call a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if he takes power and it is already law.

Translation: ‘I shall not give the British people a say in which nation(s) shall govern them despite what the New Labour state decrees in this, its last Parliament. And I won’t even make a fuss about this fait accompli, and my party, including its Right wing, won’t either, probably.’

Don’t bother. I’ll do it for myself.

And doing it for themselves is indeed what a hefty chunk of the British people have determined to do. It seems that national self-government-wise our patriotic companions have discovered that there are more choices to political life than doing it upstairs in bed wearing pyjamas with the lights switched off.

UKIP achieved another fantastic gain in vote share at yesterday's Huntingdon North By election, reports Eastern Regional Organiser Cllr Peter Reeve.

The by-election was caused by the resignation of the sitting Liberal Democrat Cllr.

UKIP increased its share of the vote from 8.2% in 2008 to 22.3% . (Increase of +14.1%)
The Liberal Democrats held the seat by achieving a small increase in their share of the vote (+2.7%) and the Labour Candidate also achieved a small gain (+1.8%) but came 4th Place being beaten by UKIP.
The Conservatives saw their vote plummet going from 47.2% in 2008 down to 28.5% (Down -18.7%). Despite their candidate being a local sitting County Councillor for the area (Cllr Liane Kadic)
Cllr Reeve, who was elected as a UKIP Councillor on to Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council in July this year, said: “This result is typical of what is happening to UKIP right across the country.
"Voters are now deciding to back UKIP in huge numbers because of our commonsense policies and our passion for listening to and representing the man in the street. Though Cllr Kadic is an impressive individual, the Conservatives adopted some desperate measures including delivering an all Polish language election address. It seems that the Conservative Leadership no longer wish to represent traditional British values and as well as being passionately pro-EU and led by a Polish MEP in the European Parliament, they also now seem to be anti-English language.
"We would like to thank the residents of Huntingdon North for voting UKIP and to Peter Ashcroft our Candidate, our hard working local resident, and also thanks to the election agent Robert H Brown and the dedicated team in Huntingdonshire

Now Huntingdonshire is an area where, really and truly, (and wimping out to the local Liberal Democrats aside), at Westminster elections they shouldn't count the Tory votes at all: they should be weighing them. They’re not planning to recommence fox hunting with hounds in that sort of constituency if the Conservatives get in – they’re going to move straight on to the social workers.

Even if at a General Election some of that UKIP share of the vote turns out to have been tactical, ‘personal,’ locally-determined or ‘protest’, it’s still likely that nationwide the expected Conservative majorities in many constituencies will be reduced and a clear message will have been sent via UKIP saved deposits and second or third places, and perhaps even a UKIP MP or two.

The victorious Tory backbenchers can be made to hear that message and ponder it:

You’ve lost a constituency that just won’t come back to you (and not even to throw out New Labour’s gaggle of traitors and dhimmi-colonialists.) If you continue to behave as if Mister Cameron throwing out the conservative baby with the ‘Mean Party’ reputation bathwater and in so doing abandoning the notion of personal hygiene altogether was a permanently good thing, then you’ll never get us back.

Country trumps party.

But here we are in our millions; distinct, organised and determined. And when you spot that your party’s popularity is falling in the polls (as the federast and Big State media will surely arrange eagerly as Labour’s crimes fade in the public’s memory), then you don’t only have the choice of handing out more organic, carbon-neutral lollipops, say, to steal a few Liberal Democrat votes and get a slightly gentler battering on Question Time, or of abandoning Britain’s nuclear deterrent or caving in to teaching unions and even cease to build any new prisons, if you want to be re-elected. You can have us. At a price.

The Conservative Party is like Western Europe in the early 1940’s; basically a decent place with mostly good institutions and civilized people, but currently occupied by an alien power; one intent on stealing its good name and deeply perverting all that into something new and wrong. Some of its best talents are either collaborating with the invaders for the time being because they can see no way to break free, or are organizing a liberation from exile. Cameron and his political class cronies (the reimported Kenneth Clarke and Michael Heseltine and all their supporters) are Big-State Goerings marching up and down its Champs-Élysées and posing for photographs and planning how they’ll dig themselves in for generations.

To change metaphors yet again, the Conservative Party couldn’t more resemble its previous idiot form in the early 1970s if it sang Grandad’s Christmas Disco Womble instead of Land of Hope and Glory.

If it is to be liberated once again and thus allowed to perform its true raison d’être of providing Britain with conservative government, then there also has to be a place where free people can offer refuge for exiles, plus encouragement - and allies for those who will help return it to its true path and nature. For all the cavilling and scandals and egotism that there have been at its top, I have to say that UKIP most closely fits the bill.

It’s not perfect or all-powerful or superbly resourced, but then neither was Britain after the fall of France.


Quiet_Man said...

Agreed, the only way the people can seem to influence a political party is by voting for someone else. The message Cameron needs to hear is the one several blogs are putting forward. No referendum = No vote. That's why many are turning to UKIP (and for Labour the BNP), because it's becoming ever more obvious that they aren't listening.

Craig said...

So they WILL let the matter rest there after all!

The alien powers are just the old Tory wets, back in business, don't you think?

I'd love to vote UKIP in the general election, but here it's a straight Labour-Tory fight, so it's finger and thumb tightly clasped to my nose and a vote for the one I don't actually loathe!

But I would love it if UKIP took seats off the Conservatives (as many as possible), thanks to other disgruntled conservatives.

Vive la resistance!

Malthebof said...

What continues to puzzle me is why all the main parties are so enthusiastic about the EU. It seems to me that they have given away most of their (our) rights to rule ourselves & got nothing in return. I have yet to see any arguements that reveal the advantages of our continued membership of the EU.

Lord T said...

Its amazed me how Cameron has held on to his position for so long when polls show him maing no headway against the most hated government in history for years.

The only way tories will regain their voters if Cameron is replaced by someone elsemore, err, conservative or he gets a spine transplant.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

This is why NuLab is using the courts to destroy UKIP.

However, on Cameron, have a look here:



North Northwester said...

Whoa! We've really got something going here, haven't we?

With all the frustrations and horrors: criminality and treason of the New Labour years it was still possible to hope that, despite it all the incoming Tory Party would cleave to the merest idea of national self-government that conservatives should hold as a core belief at least give us a chance to hold onto it.

Now we know differently. The answer's 'no'. The truth is out and the gloves have to come off. labour deliberately brought those immigrants in, in part to change forever the population of our countries and also to diminish Right's arguments and power base. In their turn, the Left-wing 'conservatives' have held steadfastly to their Eurofanaticism and haven't given an inch of ground. The threat is always there; oppose ever-greater union and we will destroy any pretence of unity the Conservative had. And they've won. They lead the Party and it'll take decade or more to dig them out. Let's at least give the good guys somewhere to go.

Hello, newcomers and returning friends, and welcome.

Quiet Man, I agree - for those contemplating voting Tory, “No referendum = No vote is” exactly the thing to say.
Good luck!

Craig, yes, it is the old Tory Wets; pink in tooth and jaw back from the exile where my Thatcherite generation had sent them. But the urge to power never dies, and now they’re in charge of the whole party. The conservatives will win – if not for sure in your home constituency, then likely in neighbouring ones, and I for one am determined to bloody their noses for them on their way to Westminster and its marvellous pay and pensions.

Malthebof: I really think it’s the deep human urge to dominate others for the sake of it. Just because people like us on the Right love freedom and value it, it doesn’t mean that the other people in the blue corner give a damn about it. Plus, I wouldn’t put Gramsci out of the picture where some of the most hardcore TRG types are concerned. Apart from their obvious unsuitedness to doing hard manual work and their occasional signs of heterosexuality, I often wonder what it is keeping them out of the Labour or Liberal Democratic parties.

Lord T, I think it’s the Tories’ strongest chance at power for over a decade. That’s pretty much an overwhelming temptation for some individuals who are otherwise largely unemployable or otherwise bitterly nostalgic for the past shape of conservatism. And in many ways a brief Labour victory or a hung parliament is all that I can see that might bring Call Me Dave down, other than his being filmed enthusiastically atop a Great Dane – and I don’t mean a cartoonist.

Weekend Yachtsman, welcome and thanks for that link and the quote from Barry Legge:
“What is the point in David Cameron upending one pledge on Europe , but promising he’ll offer us yet more European promises in his general election manifesto? Why will they be any more credible than the ‘cast-iron guarantee’ he has just broken?”

I wish I could be so succinct.

James Higham said...

Cameron won't last long if he won't grant the referendum.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Well here in sunny Christchurch thanks to a campaign that actually involved a handful of activists getting out on the high streets and talking to people (as opposed to skulking from door to door ticking off lists and being bloody rude to people who werent waving blue rosettes about as they answered said doors), UKIP came to within a few hundred votes of beating them. In quite a few municipal areas around the country they kicked them out of the stadium.

So no more 'if you vote for UKIP you might let the liberals/the one-eyed fascist in' crapola please. If every person that voted UKIP in the Euros sticks to their bloody guns and just a handful of percentage points more break ranks from the bastard traitors of the Tory Party, we have a hung Parliament with a strong chance of UKIP holding the balance of power. Now wouldn't *that* be interesting?

North Northwester said...

James, I'd like to think so, but one thing that unites all the wings of the Tory Party is hunger for office, and they can swallow and make us swallow at lot of it in order to get there from here - and to stay there once they've made it.

Welcome DangerouslySD, there's definitely something to be had there , isn't there?
I think this is a shocker though - the Czechs have signed the Lisbon Constitution, and Cameron is scheduled to announce the grand opening of his fudge shop as part of his campaign to become the Mayor of London in the Northwest Frontier of Europe.

Sighs. It looks like I'm going to have to get wet to punish the bastard and to let his backbenchers know that they aren't safe at the very least. And I have no idea how annoyed patriots in the Tory party are feeling - or how angry with his they will be in summer.


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