Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Stand Firm President Klaus

Apologies - I've been like an MP lately.

Instead of doing my blogging job properly, pressures of work, family and travels have led me to rant, post, and disappear for days this last week; without taking the time to reply to comments which some of my readers have been interested enough and kind enough to make.

Okay, I'm not asking for help with my moat or my duck house or a mortgage I long since paid off, but still, I'm sorry.

And in similar vein today, I'll just point you where the job is being done and done well: at Old Holborn, The Devil's Kitchen, and Voice of the Resistance: all pointing out that, irony or ironies, the Czech President is the last active and wiling defender of Britain's freedom and independence in his resistance to signing the Lisbon Treaty, and thus sending us all into a much more centrally controlled European Union - a state in all but name.

That Britain threw Czechoslovakia to the Nazi wolves to buy time (in the most charitable interpretation of our then-imperial government's motives) to rearm, and that we now have to rely on Czechoslovakia's smaller successor state to preserve the freedom of a nation that once shaped the world and policed its oceans, is a bitter and shameful irony.

We need this one man in a small country of which we still know nothing much, but to whom we might owe our continued existence as a nation, to hold out against the pressures placed on him to betray his own people.

Here's the link to a petition that can send him our weak voices of support.

In an age when our elected representatives, our supposedly most patriotic press and our national broadcaster stand four-square against our entire history as a county; betraying their duties and any pretence of honesty as the do so, it is pathetic that the voices of a nation that has liberated more peoples than any other, that abolished much of the four thousand year old slave trade and (eventually) brought the idea of representative democracy to continents that had never known anything like the blessed state of liberty, can be heard only so quietly and so sparsely.

Please vote and send President Klaus your support t for his country's continuing freedom and ours.


GCooper said...

For a variety of reasons I habitually avoid requests to sign petitions but this one is so important that I bit the bullet and hope everyone else will do the same.

In all honesty, I doubt President Klaus will be able to save us from this fate, but the effort has to be worthwhile.

And if he does not, then what we have to do now is start planning the resistance.

North Northwester said...

Welcome again. Yes, I think it's probably going to be in vain as our masters have decided our fate long ago. But as you say, the resistance has to start from somewhere and a past in which we didn't even raise our voices in electronic complaint would have little honour to it.

James Higham said...

He can't stand firm - the pressures are too great. It would be great to hit on a way to get over there to help but we're shut out of the European political process unfortunately.


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