Friday, 9 October 2009


This is from the BBC Have Your Say web page.

Do you support the building of more prisons?

Royal Mail A majority of people polled support the building of more prisons for violent offenders and repeat thieves.
Ordinary citizens voted three to one in favour of a new prison building programme, with 61,623 out of a total of 80,830 who voted saying they wanted to stiffer sentences for certain classes of criminals and were prepared to pay higher taxes to finance them.
A series of regional demonstrations in the long-running campaign over crime and sentencing has already created pressure on ministers and backbenchers.

Have you been affected by violent crime? Are you a small business owner worried about persistent theft and vandalism? Do you work for The Prison Service or the police? How do you think the situation could be resolved?


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James Higham said...

Transport them to Australia.


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