Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mind how you go, sinners

Outrageous plagiarism, Part Three.

More lazy holiday-time linking today to other people's hard-researched and original posts from Wikio's most linked-to political blog bar 133.
Today's the day once more for the lovely Julia.


South Yorkshire must be a haven of peace, tranquillity and order for their police to be able to take this kind of intimate step and thus provide ever more intimate personal services to its no doubt expanding pedestrian population.

Once the populace is fully pedestrianised and using exclusively approved green public transport and for essential journeys only - such as to the graveside or to attend peaceful anti-racist demonstrations - I expect the SYPD (motto: "To overprotect and dictate") to start educating its newly fitter, slimmer and all-schlepping footsoldiers of the tax stream about and sanctioning them for other crime-inducing antisocial behaviours of which they have, until this enlightened age, been guilty.

Such social crimes might include displaying valuable consumer goods in uncurtained rooms during the working day and thus bringing temptation to South Yorkshire's no-doubt justly aggrieved youth. Also the unpardonable sin of walking unaccompanied at night whilst attractive and female will probably be punished fairly soon and very often while meantime the Pennine Stasi check any remaining private sector glove compartments for tell-tale signs of possessions and other suspect stuff.


James Higham said...

No one ever considers the bike riders.

North Northwester said...

"Why the bicycle riders?"

"Why the Jews?"


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