Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Happening here

Somebody's done it right elsewhere, so my lesson for today is read what's true elsewhere.

Thanks to Calling England, how parts of our country are not only not our own any more, but how they emphatically belong to something hostile and inimical to the Queen's Peace and any idea of freedom.

The authorities have abdicated the power they held to protect us, and some of their officers see fit to use violence where it seems unnecessary. I'm still not sure on what preceded that one and hence the context, but still, does the camera lie?

And some British Pakistanis just do not feel at home here and wish to join in anything of our life but as colonists - changing us.


James Higham said...

There must be some form of rationality brought back into this.

DJ said...

This is one for the Liberal - English dictionary. 'Politicised' means 'accountable'. That's why the folks at ACPO can break off from talking about how we need more understanding of the Do-As-You-Likeys to bemoan the elected tribunes of the people insisting they enforce the law of the land.


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