Sunday, 16 August 2009

The End

This is The End my friend...

Quotation of the Week for me is from Pavlov's Cat:

The question I have to ask is "If Western civilisation is so shit, why does everybody want to come here?"

And so Culture Wars: The Culture draws to a close with the simple, quiet dignity with which all my enterprises end…

I must repeat my thanks to all of you who’ve posted daily such as at Ambush Predator whose authorJulia only went and invented the logo without being asked or anything, that’s all! and Counting Cats In Zanzibar and Blognor Regis whose Friday post I missed on the round-up – sorry about that, and also Pavlov’s Cat right up to the bitter end, and those who posted or a little less frequently such as Calling England on which site the idea just kind of Topsy grow’d but which does this kind of thing as SOP anyway, plus Edgar’s Egg, Gigits, House of Dumb and with two more this weekend, 10 Drowning Street.

Accidental contributors were James at Nourishing Obscurity and John Duff at Duff and Nonsense. And on an almost daily basis, andin the spirit of the thing if not formally, Cherry Pie dispenses poetry and photgraphs and wisdom. And that’s the last time I volunteer to run a theme for a while.

Sorry if I missed you from this or any other round-up. I'm prepared to stand corrected, link with apologies, and cite my utter incompetence as my only defence.

I had thought we’d grow the positive news idea into saying something good about the civilisation in which we live and which our rulers are doing so much to destroy.

And we did all that and in spades, and it has enriched me personally to the extent several newly-discovered poets and quite a lot of music and architecture that I’d never heard of and also reminding me of buckets of culture that I’d just plain forgotten. It’s also impoverished me by the internet purchase of second-hand DVDs and books with a street value of £20, or half the Ministry of Defence’s research and development budget for the personal protection of serviceman for 2008-9.

And if we didn’t always agree on what is good, and why, and if we now go our separate ways to blog and persuade and propagandise that A is beautiful, and even that A is B, well that’s the beauty of the Internet and one of the deep and abiding strengths of western civilisation. Freedom.

Now watch some joker spoil civilisation even more.


WomanHonorThyself said...

KEEP UP THE RIGHTEOUS FIGHT!! Heh..I'm baccccccccck! :)

JuliaM said...

It was great fun, and a learning experience too. Free as well!

No wonder they want to ban or regulate the Internet... :)

Pavlov's Cat said...

You're to kind, I was only saying what everyone else or thinking after such a fine week of huzzahs.

Very good fun.

wv. things

Pavlov's Cat said...

'was thinking' dammit


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