Sunday, 9 August 2009

Culture Wars: and so it begins

Just to remind you that Culture Wars starts tomorrow, Monday 10th August - though some have started to post pre-emptively.

Goaded by Julia, I'm planning to overstep the original one-day format and post about some other cultural enthusiasms of mine.

For those of you planning to join in, please remember to email me your links so I can list them daily in case the tag #culturewarstheculture doesn't do so well, but also to use it, just in case it does.


James Higham said...

Don't know about this yet - would like to join in. Any info?

subrosa said...

My cultural obsession is a naked statue and I've been warned I wouldn't be able to put a picture up because it could be classed as adult content.

Maybe I'll think of something else...

North Northwester said...

James - the idea is to publicise, prasie, or link to any work of art, drama, music or sculpture, etc, that you think argues for or exemplifies or demonstrates what our culture - the culture our useless government and its confederates are destroying - as an example of what we insane Right-wing ranters are in favour of.
I did whore for it on your Atlas Shrugged post -but we can't read 'em all.
Also, see here:
Arts of freedom

SR, you want to be free of my evil Unionist gummint.

Fair enough - but fer gossake moon 'em on the way out, pal.
Venus de milo?
Ma Broon?
Mikey's David - I used it myself.

T'internet's the last free place to think outside of our skulls.
So just show us the statue..... unless it's Mel Gibson in the nudd...?

CountingCats said...



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