Sunday, 23 August 2009

Candy Cain?

Every Right-wing blogger with a friendly interest towards Americans' freedom and prosperity in these politically uncertain times ought to publicise this, and I hope that my mighty readership will do so too.
It raises some important questions about the nature of government and its relationship to the individual...and the direction in which change is going in the USA under the present administration, and as it's long been going here in Britain.

As it's via David Duff, I'll leave him to explain as he dug it out.

But just guess who this happy-looking individual actually is?


David Duff said...

Nothing against 'Johns', of course, but my name is 'David'. In any case, thank you for the link.

North Northwester said...

Apologies, David. Sorted... but my shame is not expunged from the record..

David Duff said...

No shame earned or deserved, 'NNW', and anyway my 'hit stats', always a bit on the titchy side, have taken a huge leap as a result of your link, so thanks again.


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