Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Thames Valley crater

Accidental evil

I'm rather surprised that the BBC mentioned
this - and gave names and background! - so credit where credit's due for once.

Deadly blast in Pakistani village

Pakistani rescue workers carry a sack of explosives material found from the rubble of a house after a massive explosion in Mian Channu near Multan, Pakistan on Monday, July 13, 2009.

At least nine people, seven of them children, have been killed in an explosion at a house in Punjab province in Pakistan, hospital officials say.

District co-ordination officer Kamran Khan said that the blast went off in a teacher's house, where Koranic lessons for children were regularly held.

Mr Khan said: "The blast was heard over a vast area and from the extent of damage it has caused it looks like a large quantity of explosives was involved.

"The people of the village say they saw a flame rise to the sky and then the ground shook like in an earthquake."

The BBC's M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says this would suggest the arms dump belonged to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and that the place was being used by the militant group to indoctrinate children.

I so look forward to the next genius who tells us we need to be talking to the moderate Taliban.

There's nothing wrong in principle with subverting the enemy by trying to divide him, but when you sup with the devil...Make damn sure you check any contract you sign, and that kooks who keep HE under their 'schools' aren't involved in the new power structure. And if we're not sure as to the precise goals of the war nor how its implementation should continue...

Should be a doddle for our Diplomatic Service given the great job they did putting a defeated and surrendering IRA into the centre of Northern Ireland's power structures.

Oh, and do remember that Pakistan has the Bomb. This isn't all about drains and elections in Afghanistan: it's about the London's crater walls running wet with molten steel some day. All this pseudo-hippy give peace a chance stuff from the so-called Right and so-called libertarians that waffles on about 'illegal wars' and argues we 'should leave them alone' is wishful thinking: especially when the West's policeman of sixty years has just skinned himself a fat one and turned up his Bob Dylan. It's about our survival.

No more accidents, please, HMG.

Heads up and thanks to The Religion of Peace as always.


James Higham said...

The moderate Taliban - only moderately killing us off.

GCooper said...

Couldn't agree more about the 'so-called Right' and libertarians.

It's depressing when otherwise sensible blogs start spouting this neo-hippy nonsense.

Like it or not, if we don't go out and fight Islamism, it will damned well come here and fight us.

TDK said...

I don't think there's any consensus amongst Libertarians about recent wars. There is a certain suspicion that nation building and bringing democracy is akin to statism - the belief that central planning will solve all our problems.

My belief is that we should never fight a war unless we understand what our objective is and I fear that in both Iraq and Afghanistan we have not determined what that is. We currently have the curious situation where we can't even name the enemy as being radical Islam. That means that whilst we are busy seeking out radical Islamists in Afghanistan in order to kill them, in Britain we tiptoe about, using convoluted labels in a desperate bid to avoid offending Muslims who share the same ideology. We cannot defeat radical Islam unless we can hold their beliefs up to scrutiny and ultimately ridicule them.

So despite your previous commentator,

The fact is, many of our educated elite do not fear Islamism because it remains an abstract idea that they can dismiss as being trivial. This will not change unless the threat is brought home to them. They need to see that Islamists not only oppose Capitalism, Globalism, and the American Christian Right but also the liberal values that they support such as equality for women and homosexuals. At the moment, because the actual fighting is so remote they can convince themselves that these people are essentially identical to themselves, sharing the same concerns of environmentalism and anti-globalisation

So your previous commentator, Cooper is wrong. We will ultimately lose this war unless we bring it home. We need to bring about the change that happened between 1935 (the Oxford debate) and 1939 (invasion of rump Czechoslovakia)


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