Sunday, 26 July 2009

Slower than a speeding bullet

Sometimes even the weariest of gloomy conservatives (alright; maybe the second-weariest or the third-weariest,) can discern the occasional light of hope.

Here is one of the good guys: the 'moderate Muslim' in whom the libtards so devoutly believe and whom we; the Islamophobic hate-mongering haters of Hateland, really wish existed in their militant millions, instead of their moderate and down-trodden millions.

He's making comics (and if, O geek readers - and some of you certainly are geeky - you insist on my calling them 'graphic novels', I will insist that you refer to Gallifrey's great ex-pat as Doctor Whom) which stress the compassion and mercy which Islam does contain; despite centuries of jurisprudence and exegesis that emphasize the violence and intolerance of its founder's later life.

I especially like the irony that he's using the comic-book form for propaganda here as the comic book has in recent decades been used to indoctrinate our people with anti-Western and anti-capitalist tosh.
Nice to see the jewelled slipper of decent Islam kicking the subversive and traitorous arses of the scouse commie Constantine and the Nancy Pelosi hordes in the Invisibles and the Lord Haw-Haws of the
toilet paper 2000AD.

I can predict the danger that fictional examples of Muslim superheroes doing only good deeds (to our shared value of 'good') might serve to sanitize Islam's egregious hatred of The Other - as the libs say - but as I believe that Christians act in favour of in goodness and mercy in conscious imitation of their founder's deeds and stories, then setting good and wholesome examples may, over the long term, help the world.

And if in the short term it keeps Muslim kids off the truly hateful websites that'd otherwise send them eventually to 'wedding parties' in Afghanistan or the Swat Valley, then better still.

Some hope too can be gleaned from some of the
comments section of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee - which is itself no friend to Western-style freedom or to the continued lives of Middle Eastern Jews, to say the least.
There are reasons to be gloomy enough there in the comments too, but leading by (good) example is slow.

The 99 website is here - and now is on my top links bit.


JuliaM said...

"He's making comics...which stress the compassion and mercy which Islam does contain..."

So long as there's no crossover with the main DC universe where they go stone the new Batgirl for being haram...

North Northwester said...

A red-haired lesbian Batwoman.
I never knew. And now I do.
God is great - and so are you.

Thanks for that...


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