Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday picks

I’ve been a bit off colour this week: not piggy-pox but a boy’s summer cold so my posts, if well meant have been less than typified by glitter ( and I don’t mean that in a court injunction to stay 100 yards away from any branch of Claires Accessories sort of way).

Fortunately others have been blogging up a storm.

Julia’s been hitting out at the jokers’ serial insanities…

Censorship and Olympic-standard home invasions from Schhh…you know who…

…the Right-wing myth of unfair accusations of rape…

…the taxpayers’ very own version of Medecins sans Frontieres

…and finally, the liberals’ very own Page Three here….

And as Julia points out, talented Ross is doing his thing all the way up the jokers' alimentary canals about school screening for visitors.

The 13th Spitfire takes temporary leave of our senses - but not without an awesome look at our country's ancient liberties.

Meanwhile, over at the Dark Side with the social conservative the depths of whose cynicism about liberals and whose breadth of contempt for Leftism in all its regimented diversity and madness I am unworthy even to adumbrate, DJ has been worrying about the box office takings of the best film ever, David Cameron’s very own captain Ahab who’s been after rather smaller quarry that any great white whale, and in a thoughtful post compares the amusing differences in regional marriage customs between fans of The Golem on one hand and The Sheikh on the other.

I hope to have some actual biting political satire or at least some more of my trademark watery literary parody later this weekend…or at least in time for silly week when we celebrate out political class masters’ benevolence with quips and jokes during the parliamentary holiday season.

And in that spirit, some musings of my own in tribute of the Great Muser himself: James Higham of Nourishing Obscurity

Some germs are sexist, top government scientists have discovered. The ones that live under toilet seats and which are entirely harmless to men who can put said seats down in complete safety are by contrast deadly dangerous to the women and girls if they try to do the same thing.

Your mother dies and what do your colleagues do? They send you bundles of the severed sexual organs of vegetables.

It’s high time that the left, middle and right-hand lanes of British motorways had their titles updated from ‘slow,’ ‘fast’ and ‘overtaking’ – I mean, who treats them as such?

Nope: realistically they should be called Yorkies, Daily Expressway, and Mercedes only.

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James Higham said...

Thank you kindly.

"I’ve been a bit off colour this week: not piggy-pox but a boy’s summer cold..."

You hope, old son. :)


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