Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The voice of the Resistance?

Calling England bids us look over to Lord Elvis' Place.

The Truth Is Back In Business - Sign Up Now!

Please watch the video before reading...

Last week I decided to pack in this blogging lark. The NightJack ruling hit me hard (really hard) and I wondered if it was all worth the hassle. I apologise now if my message below came across as being a cry for attention, but it was not. At the time I wrote that message, it was sincere and heartfelt and I meant every word of it.

So what changed? What was my epiphany?

Well, aside from the handful of messages of support I received below, for which I am grateful for, I did actually receive a message I wasn't expecting and I want to share it with you.

There is a rotten core in this country that is eating away at our rights and our democracy. It is well hidden and well disguised, but it is there nonetheless. In my opinion the whole expenses scandal has been a deliberate and well-planned attempt to undermine our sovereign Parliament and allow the unelected and unaccountable forces of darkness to sieze control. Of that I am sure.

That cannot be allowed to happen.

Last week shortly after announcing that this blog was closing, something strange happened. Something very strange indeed. I was on my way into the office in much the same manner as I have done for many years. I was standing there minding my own business, when I met someone I have discussed many times before on this blog, but have never met.

That man was Brian Gerrish. Of all the millions of people in this country, how come I ended up randomly bumping into him? Coincidence? I think not.

If you do not know who Brian Gerrish is, or anything of his personal campaign to expose the sickness that lies at the heart of our once-proud country then stop reading now. I thank you for reading this far and bid you farewell.

But if you are aware of what is really going in this country, then I ask you to please join me in creating something bigger than the sum of our parts. I am proposing that right-minded bloggers (like you!) join with me and help create a new multi-user blog to be called 'Voice Of the Resistance'.

Unlike Old Holborn (and this is no criticism) we will not seek to shock our readers into accepting our point of view through the use of swear words and 'shock blog' tactics. The Voice of the Resistance will be made up of a collective of right-of-centre bloggers who all share a common bond in wanting what is right for our country, and are prepared to stand together with other like-minded individuals to provide a coherent and reasoned right-wing (but not extreme) blog that the UK blogosphere is so sorely missing.

Becoming a member of the Voice of the Resistance will not require much from anyone who wishes to freely contribute. It should not detract from your own personal blog, but may actually add to it's value. All we ask is that you post the occasional message on the Voice of the Resistance as well as on your own blog.

What I am proposing in essence is a mutual defence initiative for right-thinking bloggers. If one of us is attacked, then that is an attack on all of us. Divided we are weak, together we are strong.

If you would like to discuss this further and help me set out the terms of the creation of this proposed new blog, then please email me at and please highlight this on your own blog to spread the word.

I look forward to hearing from you.

The truth is back in business!

It's romantic and pompous and silly enough to be typically British and I think it's a good idea.

And to paraphrase John Connor in Terminator salvation, if you're reading this you are the Resistance.

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