Monday, 15 June 2009

A New Hope

Meanwhile in Westminster today, the finest minds in the House of Commons

Do you know, I think I'll just leave it there, competition-style, for anyone to complete that sentence as they please in the comments section.

Lazy old North Northwester.
The lap-dancing and bondage orgy thing still needs a little work and I don't want to rush to post it.
Not with my back.

In the meantime and thanks to the felicitous combination of Biased BBC and Blogger profiles, I have now discovered for myself, and for you dear reader, in a galaxy far, far away a virtual Degoba System of Rightish and libertyish bloggers who were new to me if not to the internet.

There's the admirable sceptic
My Doubts, and the agreeable Terrible Tory Girl with whom I'd like to agree about Mister Cameron but probably don't, and Scary Mary who isn't and yet who also is. Go figure.

Back tomorrow with something less edifying of my own but with more words than this...and maybe to mark your homework.


Don't do that.

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CherryPie said...

I vote for the brown hairy one at the back! No, No it has to be the green enlightened one at the front...

North Northwester said...

You know that the party system would never allow small knitted spacemen to stand for Parliament. The female one would never get past the Tory battle axes and the smuggler's a private entrepreneur so wouldn't get past the unions reps for Labour, and the fishy one isn't a vegetarian so no chance with the Lib Dems.

I don't think the brown furry one stands much of a chance in certain parts of the North West these days, and I'm no fan of anything green...

CherryPie said...

Sooo the Monster Raving Loony party is out now is it? ;-)

James Higham said...


Richard Dale said...

Cherry Pie, never! The Loonies had their best ever result in St Ives, Cambs. They beat Labour! Bwahahahahahaahah, I laughed so much when I heard that I nearly had a hernia, until I remembered I lost my private medical insurance with my job.

Thnks for the link, NNW!

North Northwester said...


THE the Monster Raving Loony party?
just the one?
Even mine looks like it could be out-thought by the average Hannah Montana merchandise collector.

Richard Dale,
You're welcome.

I've posted a message about you on my favourite blogs' comments and most of my 'followers.'

And the tame info site, too.

Julia's pushing the line too:

You're welcome.

CherryPie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CherryPie said...

THE the Monster Raving Loony party?
just the one?

No unfortunately I think there are several of them...


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