Friday, 12 June 2009

Liberalism killed Bambi...and will again

This from the BBC.

A dog walker has spoken of the horror of witnessing three youths stamp a new born deer to death in a park in Dorset.
Keith Arthurs was walking his dog in
Upton Country Park, near Poole, when he saw three teenage boys wearing hoods attack the fawn on Wednesday night.

Not, I think, one with a bow, one really tall one and a fat cleric.

He did not intervene for fear of being injured.

Because in tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime Britain, remonstrating with young hooligans is the suicide method nine out of ten law abiding Britons prefer.

The RSPCA collected the body and took it to Lynwood Vets in Wareham.
Police are appealing for the public's help in finding the boys. Mr Arthurs said: "I was disgusted and horrified."
He added: "One of them hit the fawn across his head.
"Then they dropped it on the floor and they all took turns stamping on it.
"It [went] on for a few minutes."
The area is popular with walkers and cyclists.

Pc John Snellin, wildlife officer for Dorset Police, said: "Twenty-three years I have been in the force and I don't think, in all honesty, I have seen anything quite as barbaric and horrendous as this.

You should move to a town, mate, and see what the sophisticated big-city magistrates do.

"It worries me what these youngsters might go on to do."

Well, chances are they'll move on to police bail, or official cautions, unenforced asbos, conditional discharges, community service, suspended sentences or shortened terms aplenty until someone truly important is killed. They may have gone through the gauntlet of the 'justice system' already. Because the last thing that Britain needs now is the cost of more jail sentences or the return to the constricting and unenlightened days of borstals, isn't it?


Goodnight Vienna said...

Sick little b*stards. It's time 'the Left' took off their blinkers and acknowledged that not everything from the past was wrong - today's YOIs are a far cry from the ethos of yesterday's borstals which had more education, more military-style discipline (well, Boy Scout)and more morality.

JuliaM said...

God, what I wouldn't give for five minutes alone with the little scum.

If they are ever caught, they bear watching - isn't this sort of thing (along with bedwetting and firesetting) a danger signal..?

James Higham said...

Always wondered who killed Bambi.

Gigits said...

JuliaM: Yep, torturing animals and pissing the bed are both early indicators of Psychopathy. It would be best to shoot these little bastards when they are found.


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