Monday, 29 June 2009

First things first

More fun from the BBC's UK news web page today.
From the top:

Iran 'frees five' UK embassy staff

Royal Mail sale 'facing delays'

Arms witness hails loyalist move


Vote could end refinery dispute

Blur bring curtain down on Glasto
T5 check-in reopens after glitch

Teens 'still fear knife crime'

Doctors condemn 'commercial' NHS

Building work announced for Abbey


'Too few trained police' for G20

Scotland 'needs protection of UK'

Scientists attack energy industry

Finance sector 'improvement'

Michael Jackson tops album chart

Editor defends expenses story

Fire breaks out at former convent

Early pregnancy warning

First-borns 'face more pressure'

Werl, on a mere £3,000,000,000 per year , you can't expect them to notice a little local difficulty such as the continuing meltdown in Britain's public finances, can you?

Oh, and as often happens, Dumb Jon is First With The Worst as he notices what is possibly the Baroness Vinyl-Chloride's stupidest statement ever.


Roue le Jour said...

I liked "'Too few trained police' for G20", though. Apparently the coppers require special training to refrain from beating up defenseless women and poor old buggers trying to get home. This being what they would normally do without the special training, obviously.

Memory fails, but didn't the assailants of Rodney King try to pull this one, or am I thinking of a different US incident?

JuliaM said...

'Training' is always the answer to 'We've been seen doing something politically embarrassing, to the wrong people'.

In ALL branches of public service!

North Northwester said...

Roue le Jour - I still have my doubts about the complete innocence of the 'poor old bugger' and even more doubts about the defenceless woman - if you mean the one who received a blow to the (shapely and photographed in the tabloids) thigh on the way to a 'vigil' for Roue le Jour.

I've been close to a few 'peaceful demonstrations myself' and the very high levels of abuse and foul, provocative language aimed at the police by masked and threatening anarchists and the like can be overwhelming.

No excuses if the police went too far - IF - but a hundred thousand marchers on a long and tense and very hot day and only one fatality? THIS is the fascist state? I know it's going to hell and gone, but can you name me any country in the world that doesn't end in a vowel having such a low body count per thousand? Just a thought.


Oyez! And under-staffed, of course, and I should know - I'm one of the lucky bastards myself...


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