Monday, 8 June 2009


I realize that some major gloating is in order today, but I'm not going to be able to make it.

You're just going to have to go on without me.

This may be because, either:
1) The power supply on my PC went bye-bye on Thursday afternoon,
2) the doctors are trying a new treatment, or
3) the EU Commission, the Illuminati, the Matrix, the Banking Clans, the CIA, Skynet or the Welsh Rotary Union have finally decided I've hurt their established power structures enough, and have decised to take me offline.

Consequently, my dear 700+ monthly readers, my output is going to be reduced and you're just going to have to go elswhere for your daily fix of paranoid Right-wing conspiracy theory, barking anti-EU invective, cookery tips and berserker tactics in the bitterest campaigns of the culture wars.

Might I suggest the new European Parlisment?..

The Department For Hurt And Awful Nuisances doesn't allow me to connect to Blogger from work, and all the techies I know use unix or something, and Castle City's library is being remodelled and converted into a juice bar and chilling-room for our stable and diverse community of White Lightning drinkers and borderline Street Napoleons, so though I'd feel right at home there I'll have to queue for internet access over the next week or so.
I will be able to comment on non-Blogger blogs and also post a bit from behind enemy lines of friends' machines and the local internet cafe, in the 'Marcel has got a new bicycle' and 'Stefan will go to the bridge at midnight' vein, but I wouldn''t count a daily service.

Basically we're looking at the middle of next week when I can get back and do my usual day-in-day-out, set-your-watch-by-the-ranting socially divisive part for the War on Flouridation and on behalf of the patriarchal phallocentric military-industrial complex.

For the rest of the time, I shall have to either:
A) wait 7 working days for Dell to do their stuff and get my formerly state-of-the-art Etch-A-Sketch back to Northwester Towers, or
B) take the tablets (yeah, like they give me a choice!) and catch up on my anthropology reading. I've finished Aborigines-Berbers, and now I'm onto Caucasoids-Dravidians, or
C) skulk in my luxury basement bunker with its 6-month supply of food, water, ammunition and anti-inflammatory cream and relax with my well-thumbed seven-volume colour manga version of Reflections on the Revolution in France and my treasured photo album of 159-pages of night-vision Sniperscope images of Carol Vorderman's sleeping form.

So I'm sure you'll all go on enjoying our moments of electoral glory and the Labour meltdown today, and I hope to be up and hitting out against the communists, fellow-travellers and known jazz pianists of our nation's political Hard Left, the woolly Right and its downright extraterrestial Centre by next weekend or so.

I'll be back.

North Northwester.


subrosa said...

I always new Dells were rubbish. Buy a Mac. Good luck.

Macheath said...

Great title, NNW, but now I'm worried you too may vanish into the wilds forever, leaving only a few mysterious descendants to baffle the anthropologists of the future.

Vaya con Dios!

JuliaM said...

Oh, oh! I'm sitting at a Dell as I type...

" I'm worried you too may vanish into the wilds forever, leaving only a few mysterious descendants to baffle the anthropologists of the future."

Any comely Native wenches in your vicinity, NNW? ;)

Good luck with the repairs/replacement.

Hmm, Turing word is 'gypali'. Good job I'm not from a combination of Romany/Palestinian stock.. :D

James Higham said...

You seem to be having some troubles there. Hope it works out.

ivan said...

If it was the power supply then 10 minutes and 25 quids would fix it - did one of mine yesterday except it was 30 euros.

CherryPie said...

I hate it when PCs go on the blink.


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