Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Big fat zero

It’s official. Elvis has left the building.

Here’s what Big 0 said about North Korea’s insane, country-starving nuclear weapons programme in brief:

"We have continually insisted that North Korea de-nuclearize," Mr. Obama said, standing next to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in the White House Rose Garden. "We have not come to a conclusion that North Korea will or should be a nuclear power. Given the belligerent way in which they are constantly threatening their neighbors, I don't think there is any question that it would be a destabilizing situation that would be a profound threat."

And here’s what he added when he went all hardball:

The president emphasized that along with the United States and the Republic of Korea, Russia, China and Japan have also made it clear North Korea will not find security or respect through threats or weapons.

“Our open societies, our commitment to free democracy and a market economy, and our sustained partnership provide a foundation for the enduring friendship, shared values, and mutual respect that tightly bind the American and Korean peoples,.."

Bring the rain.

And here comes the thunder thundering in support of hopeandchange, momsapplepie and doodledandy for some guys over there in Iran:

US President Barack Obama says he is "deeply troubled" by violence in Iran following last week's disputed presidential elections.

Mr Obama called on Iran's leaders to respect free speech and the democratic process, and said he would continue pursuing tough dialogue with Iran.

Get some!

Which is pretty durn tootin’ tough of him, given the fine nuance that this sophisticated political thinker and supreme diplomat shows here:

The president also said there appears to be little difference in policy between the conservative Mr. Ahmadinejad and Mr. Mousavi, a reformist.

Guess that’s his famous bipartisan approach, as much mentioned during his own election largely thanks to foreign credit card donations last year, huh?

Previous independent overseas freedom movements have haltered thanks in part to Western ineptitude – Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Soviet Union (Vladimir Putin, anyone?) the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, but on the other hand many unfree peoples of the world have long looked to some kind of moral support from the leadership of the United States of America – if not always competent material and military support: the Marsh Arabs, the Cuban freedom fighters, South Vietnam.

But the Wall fell, with American-led NATO behind it, and Saddam Hussein fell, and South Korea survived, and much of Eastern Europe is as free as any EU member states can be.

And of course Western Europe and Japan and India and Australia and New Zealand are free, in part, thanks to the US Pacific Fleet and much, much American blood.

What they can hope for now is ‘Whatever.’

This bounty comes to the world as Big 0 raises his wise, bored, compassionate eyes full of adolescent integrity skyward at all the carping from all those uptight freedom squares both domestic and foreign.

As if any unknown foreigners who don’t even have their own advocates on the talk shows could suffer in any meaningful sense in the liberal imagination compared with the dark, adolescent goth world of Victimerica.

Why, the President’s dear ole Pappy couldn’t ride at the front of the bus, except maybe in his ‘home’ state of Hawaii and perhaps a few dozen other states, and so a bit of a healthy appetite amongst a few guys in North Korea (and that’s not even the cool Korea with that great show with the cute doctors, mind!) and some pre-postmodern ‘reform-conservative’ deal in Iran is no biggie when maybe up to half America’s women still don’t have fast internet connections at home or carbon-neutral cars.

I had wondered whether he really was an uber-pragmatist looking for a vessel for himself to fill and be shaped by, but mostly I go for the Cultural Marxist blame the West first and support only its enemies shtick as standard.

It appears that, despite the hopes of the Obamamcons and others, that he is not a hollow man at all.

In fact, he’s full of it.

As far as the Free World and its would-be new members goes, there’s no sherrif in town.


Inspector Leviathan Hobbes said...

North Korea and Iran must be shitting themselves.

North Northwester said...

Inspector Leviathan Hobbes.
Welcome and thanks for your comment.
"...shitting themselves."

Laughter can do that to you, I understand.

North Northwester said...

Oh, and thanks for the link.


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