Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cleaning up Britain Can Do

After guilty weeks of neglect, I'm finally getting around to editing and contributing to Citizens and Neighbours again.

I'm slightly changing the way I post on the blog to build up a bank of links and resources for the freedom-loving patriot.

This is done in two ways:

Firstly by by simplifying the topic-page links to linked titles and short simple descriptions (if needed), and thusclearing away much of the clutter, and letting visitors look for themselves at the business end of someone's online work.

Secondly by creating a new post to introduce new topics and new sites for readers to notice straight away when they browse or link to the blog. Sometimes, thsi will duplicate my ranting psots from here, and thus, hopefully, give C and N readers a good idea of why they might browse to a particular site.

Sorry about the delay -I've been cross...

1 comment:

CherryPie said...

Being cross usually leads to some great ideas.

Trust me I know ;-)


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