Thursday, 30 April 2009

Small: far away. Small: far away.

From the Daily Mail.

‘Gordon Brown today rejected calls to allow thousands of Gurkha veterans to settle in the UK, saying Britain could not afford to give them all homes.

'For us to guarantee £1.4billion would be a very big sum indeed,' he said.

Mr Brown said his mind was open on the Gurkha issue, but that he was unable to meet their demands because there were public expenditure issues to consider.

He said: 'I respect the fact that this is a matter of great concern for everyone in the country.

'We have got a balance of responsibilities to those who have served our country with the finance that we need to be able to meet these obligations and not therefore base our offer on money we cannot afford.'




(Click picture to enrage.)
From Channel Four.

Or go to the Tax Payers’ Alliance site here.

Click on the picture link to The Gordon Brown Calculator.

Click on any of the numerals and then the = sign.

Then you’ll see ‘expensive.’

Not expensive...

…for us.

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