Sunday, 1 March 2009

Welcome, Lawson Narse

And just to underline the point of my Political Class Post below, the new blog of Lawson Narse -Let Fly The Pigs OF War - demonstrates the Political Class's utterly cavalier attitude to cabinet government - as it mistreats suborns or destroys any of our ancient institutions (formerly known variously as checks and balances, separation of powers, or simply The British Constitution) that obstruct its undending change-fetish.

There was no Cabinet debate on going to war with Iraq.

Just think of that; the lives of many thousands of our servicemen, their families' security, and the fate of the hundreds of Iraqi lives that would be lost by accident in any mechanised war were not considered by the official and traditional supreme policy-making body of Her Majesty's Government.

I supported the war from the start - and I support it now and for the exact same reasons (and for additional reasons that emerged as events unfolded during the war and occupation), but the Government should have used the proper persons - political as well as diplomatic and military - to come to that decision.

One of the things our brave servicemen are fighting and dying for is to preserve a world in which democracy and the rule of law mean something.

New Labour, Tony Blair and his pals...not so much.



Lawson Narse said...

NNW,thanks for the mention.

I'm not great on the wordy stuff. Pictures are more my forte. (and music)

The contempt in which the "Political Classes" hold us, is more evident every day.

Jack Straw thinks we are daft. Harriet believes that she speaks for "Us". Jacqui hasn't yet learnt the lesson of taking the proverbial out of her employers.

I've really had enough. I don't want to turn my back on this land, but, I am gradually coming to the conclusion that, a better, and safer, life is offered elsewhere.

wv = promis, really? I hope so.

North Northwester said...

You're welcome and...really? Thinking of emigrating? We lose a lot of good people that way. Got to say, I'm sticking with Blighty myself.

Still, thanks to t'interweb we can give 'em hell from all over the world.

For now...


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