Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The bulldog bleed

We are the people whose ancestors abolished slavery after four millennia of that filthy trade; who held back three European invasions by unspeakable bullies and who held firm when a fourth and its Fifth-Columnists tried to win the Cold War, and we gave the world Parliamentary democracy and all the ball-games played today in tow or more countries on two or more continents.

We are the people who can't smoke in pubs, can't be trusted to choose a mortgage we can afford or go without, and we are waiting for Islam's scimitar to fall upon our necks just as soon as we switch of the reality TV and the Parliamentary coverage and the drama documentary...
Remind me: which is which, again..?

Can we have our balls back, now?



James Higham said...

Last paragraph a classic.

Thud said...

There are more of us with 'balls' than many think....thats why our wonderful govt spends so much effort trying to deprive us of them.


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