Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Inspirational - and a win?

Here's a link to a page about the Global Warming/AGCC/Giant Lizard threat.

OK Get Real reproduces Ed Cline's correspondence with a young American who has been propagandised, apparently, by his teachers.

When I eventually work out who wrote it [it is early, dear reader, and my blood sugar is low] and get around to my comment, I put this in it:

"Cline may very well have changed one young life for the better.

Climate change sceptics and other truth-minded and conservative people are on the back foot pretty much worldwide just now but I think that we can change the world - or keep it more as we like it - one mind at a time.

The way to win the culture wars is to fight in the culture wars."

The blogosphere may well resemble an echo chamber but if in our work we can replace one misconception in one mind with openness and the willingness to question, then it has been a success. Anyone and everyone can make a difference.
And so we should.



Anonymous said...

Maybe, maybe not, but one mind at a time is not fast enough.
"They" are working on so many, many through the schooling system.
"They don't bother with older folks, we have memories of reality, and are not so easily brain washed, but destroy the culture, the society, rewrite history, make free thinking a crime via PC thought processes, and the battle is already lost.

What you bloggers seem to miss, some intentionally, I think, is the financial deep capture of the body politic orchestrated from waaaayyy behind the scenes.

Bang on about lost freedoms all you wish, precious few are listening.
Catch the current hatred of finance in general, and banks and bailouts in particular, link the corrupt politicians to corporate back handers, and jobs for the boys when political life is ended, and you have a winner, - for now.

The winner to unite folks in the near future will be the abject poverty in this land, but by then it will be too late, the financial deep capture will be complete and it will take 80+/- years to be rid of this corrupt shit, if ever!

North Northwester said...

Hello and welcome (again, I think) Anonymous.
Didn't we chat on the Themistocles post and over at James' place?

It's not that I don't think the economy's fubar'd or that our political class is as perfect a self-perpetuating elite as it's possible to imagine without up-front force, but we free types do have a culture with resources and values bred in the bone.

I agree those values have been subverted and corrupted where not destroyed, but we can either kow-tow or fight.

I choose to fight.

And if They come for me - respectfully Anonymous, for you say They are into us deeply - then let Them come.

I mean to hurt them if I can on the way down, and that American kid might be the next Lincoln or Washington, and my next reader might be a future Churchill or Burke, Wilberforce or Margaret Hilda Roberts - who read of Hayek, they say, in the Reader's Digest.

So here's the thing, Anonymous, we may indeed be property and not know it, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and a revolution may start with a single shot, or a single joke, and I mean to go on joking till the clowns are HURTING and my countrymen are laughing at them and not with them.

So if you must remain incognito, I respect that but fire shot or two yourself, would you, and pass this link on;


It's where I'm piling up some of the ammo.

And call again, OK?

Anonymous said...

This useful to you?

It sure affects millions of people, and it's broon the turd.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you have heard of the USA - Council of Foreign Relations.

If you haven't you need to do some reading.

There is a new European version. with some very interesting names.

No 20.
Etienne Davignon, the head man of the bilderberg organisation.

No 34.
Anthony Gibbons from LSE, - - the original founders of the LSE, and some funding, came from the Fabian Society.

No 49

No 50. Glenys Kinnock, never was a UK MP, joined the EU gravy train, like hubby.
Incidently hubby voted for Lisbon in Lords in order to save his EU pension.
As a lord you swear loyalty to Crown.
You also swear loyalty to EU on appointment. Treasonous bastards.

No 78.
Chris Patten. - When in EU resisted cessation of EU funding for Arafat when he started Intifada after failed Clinton talks. We funded Iranian arms shipments to Arafat.

No. 86 George Robertson. Quiet loans to Mandyson way back. MAY be related to Dunblane, - not sure.

No 99. Soros.Friendly with Lord Malloch Brown at Foreign Office. Brown used to run one of Soros funds. Rented residence from Soros in NY when working there at WELL BELOW market price. Is Soros ears at FO.

And the main one,

No 109, 111 etc, etc.

These guys are plotting heavily to use the current problems to their advantage. They need watching carefully.

They are NOT good for the future.
Despite their public proclamations, they are elitist fabian scum, with ONLY their own interests in mind.

Keep on swinging.

Anonymous said...

This any good?

Anonymous said...

This man is good, he knows his onions, BUT, he understates the GDP decline coming our way, and understates the recovery period, - as he fails to comprehend the sand in the economic cogs of the country emanating from the coming corporatist fascist EU, in fact I doubt any recovery.
Read it, understand it, this is a good version of the future

Another version of the future is here, this time from a European perspective, (and they have a sale to make!) - even more negative from a financial point of view.
When this shit hits the fan in a few more months you will have your audience, and they will be willing.
Be sure you have your ducks lined up. Be sure you can identify the miscreants personally. They DO ALL link together.
Your fighting days are coming, gather your audience.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

This is a company that provides internet snooping equipment

Anonymous said...

Mandy gets her knickers in a knot

Lord Mandelson earlier gave a speech at the Council of Foreign Relations about the world economic crisis and accompanied health secretary Alan Johnson at a series of discussions with US pharmaceutical companies about investment deals in Britain.

Maria Bartiromo is a braindead schill for various moneyed interests.

Read the article
Study the US CFR, it's one of the roots.

James Higham said...

The blogosphere may well resemble an echo chamber...

This is the issue, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

No, James, not an echo chamber, but zeroing in on the real culprits, the ones behind the curtain.

Ain't you got nothing positive to add, you are well researched?

North Northwester said...

Anonymous - fear not [ or not of me, at least] I have been reading the links that you kindly sent to me, and also blogging in

as well as TJ.AT?

I am currently reading Peter Osborne's The Triumph of the Political class as it chronicles the very public corruption of the British State and the debauchery of its uppermost ranks under New labour and its modernizing Conservative Party predecessors.
I'm also following a thread in Biased-BBC that refers to Common Purpose,


and which I think is linked to your theory.

For obvious reasons, it seems daft to me to respond to what you have pointed out very quickly, see the mess that my less-than-well-research post here


has landed me in.

So, my reading goes on, with some actual cogitation in there, for good measure.

USpace said...

This was a great letter. It would be great if all kids could read something like this; before ten more years of brainwashing makes some of them hopelessly lost.

You should google 'Michael Chrichton's Environmentalism as a Religion'. It's most excellent.

Throughout history cold periods have been the worst times for humanity, warm ones have been better for human prosperity.

The CNN Meteorologist saying that the Man-Made Climate Change theory is "arrogant" is a great advancement in the cause of educating the masses with the truth. Hopefully more of the MSM will start speaking out. The word is spreading, tell all your friends and family, and tell them to do the same.

Gore and his Man-Bear-Pig. The politicians on board with this scam must be simply out of their minds. For one thing, there’s plenty of oil and NG, we just need to drill for it and refine it. Also expand and improve nuclear, wind, hydro, solar and hemp fuel.

Can’t anybody talk some sense into Obama, Gore, McCain, Brown and Merkel about how temperatures rise first, and THEN carbon-dioxide levels rise.
Carbon-dioxide doesn’t cause warming, sun activity does, warming causes CO2 levels to rise.

The Laws proposed like taxing Cows for flatulence are among the stupidest, but ALL the laws proposed will totally destroy the world economy and starve 100's of millions of people worldwide, all without changing the weather one bit. And it will take probably 100 years to repeal these insane laws. STOP the insanity! TELL EVERYONE!
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
humans’ breath is poison

just one child hurts the world
worse than a jet engine

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't research all theories

put an end to all debate
silence all your critics

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
spread hysteria

wildly exaggerate
scare little kids not ready

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
keep people all worked up

about global warming
despite inconvenient facts
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
The Great Global Warming Scam Movie
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon

North Northwester said...


Hi Uspace. Welcome and thanks for your comment and links.

I especially liked the cartoon, but that's my simple mind.

You'll notice from my writing if you read the other stuff that I'm not in fact a libertarian, but I must say - as a retired libertarian - that it put the philosophy very clearly, and I've never seen it done better.
It would be a cinch for school governemnt or citizenship classes.

Given who owns and controls our educational system in Britain and who contols most of it in he States, I don't think th teaching unions would permit its showing any time soon.

Vouchers now, abolish the local education authorities tomorrow, say I.

And of course, I love the poetry...

Call again soon, if you feel like it.



North Northwester said...

Anonymous, I see you're posting now on Nourishing Obscurity under a fixed specific name of Sonus.


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

I'm reading the sonus articles now.

Later, my friend.


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