Monday, 12 January 2009

Why we blog

This is from Wikipedia.

Themistocles (Greek: Θεμιστοκλς; c. 524–459 BC [1]) was an Athenian soldier and statesman. As archon in 493 BC, he convinced the Athenians that a powerful fleet was needed to protect them against the Persians. During the second Persian invasion under Xerxes I, he commanded the Athenian squadron and through his strategy the Greeks won the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. After the war, he persuaded the Athenians to rebuild the walls of the city on a vastly larger scale than had existed before.

In league with the Spartans, yes, those Spartans, he preserved the freedom of Greece; one of our civilisation’s chief fountainheads, from being absorbed into the Persian Empire.

He didn’t come to a good end, and he was dishonest and sneaky and, well, a politician, so let’s not get all misty-eyed about him, but he saved the world that ours grew from, and out of which freedom and democracy were to evolve.

He saw a terrible future under the eastern way of government and planned and persuaded and intrigued until the West could defend itself and survive.

And that’s why we in the freedom-loving Right blog.

Imperfect, divided, mutually quarrelsome as often as not; we still see the threats approaching and try, as best we can, to rearm the shrinking world of freedom and the culture it springs from. Even when things look as black as they do today for freedom’s cause, we need to fight and fight again, and plan and persuade and rage and swear and sneer and joke wherever and whenever we can.

Because the bad guys aren’t going to stop.

So let’s hear it for Themistocles: the dirty, sneaky, pig-headed father of the West’s survival.




CherryPie said...

You always have to speak out for what you believe in!

North Northwester said...

Yes indeedy.

Especially as they won't let us form phalanxes and wear those wicked Corinthian helmets any more; at least, not down the convenience store.

This is Spar.Ta!

Sue said...

I think I'd have a nervous breakdown through stress if I couldn't vent my anger on my blog.

The best thing of all is reading other peoples blogs and knowing you are not the only one who is angry about certain things.

North Northwester said...

Welcome, Sue, and yes, ranting does let off steam.

I only hope I and others have some anger left for the General Election.

It's going to be a doozy.

As in: "Oh, alright then. McCain."

James Higham said...

Great. I'm going to nick it right now.


Excellent! It's what I have been doing, but no one appreciates my efforts! :)

* I think I was a Spartan in my past life. Don't tell anyone though.

North Northwester said...

James Higham said...
Great. I'm going to nick it right now.

Thanks, James.
I'll be watching out for it.

North Northwester said...

Welcome Ubermouth, and welcome.

I wouldn't actually like to be a Spartan, mind you; the entrance exam and conditions..well, sucked.

However, so glad they did their stuff.

BTW, do you know people can't link to your Google profile and read any stuff you post?

I get;

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

If you're a Blogger user, we encourage you to enable access to your Profile.

Wolfie said...

Well said.

My God preserve us all from the Oriental threat and our government's blind and foolish acquiescence.

North Northwester said...

Wolfie said...
Well said.

My God preserve us all from the Oriental threat and our government's blind and foolish acquiescence.

Welcome, Wolfie, and thanks.

Not sure if you meant this ironically or literally, and it's welcome either way.

It's delightful to have someone to talk to, now that the little voices have gone quiet.

Anonymous said...

Greetings :-

Your identification of the problem is only partially correct. The remaining, larger part, lies with our leaders, who betray us.

The following is a post I left with James.

"I guess you're not asking for superficial answers.

The true answer goes much deeper, and is also the answer to the immediate preceding piece you wrote, on litter, etc.

It is the current thrust of the nation to destroy itself, the standards that were once held, the education/intellectual levels, the philosophic identities, the family, the "knowing".

This is deliberate at all levels and markedly so since the election of nulab. Its deliberate prey are the easily influenced young, - ergo it is very active in the education systems.

It is happening internationally and is orchestrated and funded by the same culprits as before.

You keep showing the symptoms, and I believe you know the answers, so thank you for trying to raise awareness.

Regrettably, judging by the answers written here, you seem to be failing.

This conscious movement is now so far advanced that I do not believe it can be turned.

Be aware of it in your personal life, and seek to nullify its effect on any of your loved ones. Seek to preserve what it seeks to destroy, and inform those that are receptive. As the movement gains power in the future, don't make waves."

North Northwester said...

Hello again Anon. Thanks for your comment.
I’m rehydrated, breakfasted, lunched and ready for the ego-trip I call blogging…

I wish you were more right about the jihadists. Their petrodollars certainly don’t derive from much science or technology from the world of Islam, but it doesn’t matter where their power comes from in the context of this clash-of-civilisations war. Their ideology is mean, superstitious, warlike, intolerant, imperialist and totalitarian, and just because Islam is uninventive compared to enlightened Christendom it doesn’t mean they can’t win.
Culturally the Normans were inferior to the Anglo-Saxon England in pretty much every way but they won a battle. One battle and they were in charge; depopulating Yorkshire and warring with every neighbour the English had and speaking French at court until Queen Elizabeth’s day, I think.
Saudi money is being spent throughout Britain and the rest of the West and it’s no distraction at all.
The Islamists mean business; they take their founder’s teachings and actions at face value, and in the glorious words of film hero Kyle Reece, they absolutely will not stop.
I’ll recommend some reading for you; Koran, Sira, and Hadith.

Or look here;

Now THAT’S a conspiracy!

You say “Ethnic minorities are a side issue to distract attention.”

I don’t see Islam as an ethnic issue – what race is an ideology? What sort of hair, skin and stature do Moslems have? Pretty much every kind, I think, except they haven’t got any Eskimos or Aborigines yet.
Ethnicity is important as a marker for cultures and our culture is surely under attack in part due to uncontrolled immigration but I don’t worry about it in its own right because I’m not that kind of right-wing.
The good guys won the Battle of Britain and the bad guys lost and that’s that.

“I rather see the problem as being the criminality of our elected representatives, who are failing in such a despotic manner, legislating away our legal rights, and proceeding with their own agenda.
They have seized this financial crisis, that has been orchestrated for decades by a select few, all members of a single organisation, to accelerate their plans.
The size of the conspiracy is vast and the leaders extremely wealthy.”

What I think is going on is that mainstream socialists and their parasites and allies the Gramscian Marxists have pretty much stolen most the bits of the culture (the media, the academy, arts and entertainment) that they haven’t been given on the plate by narrow-minded conservatives and other supposed guardians of our great free-trading and property-based Judeo-Hellenic civilisation. This puts us on the back foot and up a gum tree (devilishly clever these bastards are!) when it comes to arguing about economics or education or foreign policy. If every debate we enter is framed in a cultural world in which families are rape-infested hell-holes and Americans and Israelis are evil mass-murderers and all businessmen are river-polluting shanty-town-bulldozing robber barons we’re not going to have much luck persuading propagandized people to vote for a family-supporting, anti-terrorist and pro-market economics supporting party or coalition.

And so we blog.

I do think that the ideology of both legitimate socialists and their undercover Marxist pals has allowed/compelled them respectively to treat property, businesses, and peoples’ bodies as public resources and hence their illegal activities and statutory instrument (free from parliamentary debate) legislation means they’ve pretty much nationalized the British people. And they fund their party with taxes to Left-wing recipients of government advertising and via public-sector jobs to their union bosses and subsidizing their cultural arms. Plus they are sodding up the economy because that’s what even honest and decent and patriotic socialists do.

Don’t even get me started on the European Union.

Thus, we are so screwed.

I’m not going to go into what I want to do about it straight away because I’ve got this idea and I want to work on it a bit. Also, I’m on holiday this week and Mrs. Northwester has a number of marital duties that she wishes me to perform and that’s going to take up a lot of time, what with my back and all.

“Are we on the same wave-length?
Do you see it this way?”

From the context I think you may be concerned with ideas about, for example, Common Purpose or that international group whose German-sounding name eludes me at present. There’s a chap over at Biased BBC who comments as Atlas Shrugs/Shrugged and his thoughts remind me of yours.

I tend to believe that if such over-arching conspiratorial organisations existed in the form you hint at and were armed with such power as their keenest critics suggest, then at least some of the regular right-wing bloggers would know about them and publicise accordingly; such as Mark Steyn or Melanie Phillips. But then, if it was a really powerful conspiracy it might hide its tracks perfectly, or suborn even the ultra-good good guys as well. Or misdirect them.

Okay. You’ve done me the kindness of commenting about my Themistocles post on James’ blog and mine, plus done me the flattering honour of engaging in polite and rational political debate. I’m grateful for both.

I’m a skeptic, and therefore have an open mind. So here’s what I’ll do. If you want to post me a couple of links to websites which are on your ‘wavelength’, then please do so.
I won’t promise to be convinced, but I will look at them because:

A. You’re polite and I like to think I’m polite too, and that’s what a polite person would do, and
B. You might be right.

Fair enough?




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