Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My Dardanelles of the day

I had thought to fisk this today.

I got going as well: some quips, a truly dreadful pun and…and then it struck me that I was wasting my time today.

This person is so far out of the world that we know and care about that even the pleasure of larting him remotely would be a guilty pleasure.

The British war dead don’t exist to him, or matter. The bed-wetting, emotionally retarded children of Israel unfortunate enough to live near the death-cult bearded crazy rocket monsters don’t matter to him. The Japanese and Nazi empires and what it took to stop them didn’t exist or matter to him; let alone the Soviet and Maoist and Cambodian charnel houses – they especially didn’t exist or matter to him – not to someone whose email address is


Miners poring by candlelight over Workers’ Educational Association books, or parsons meeting with local magnates to show off and explain about slavers’ chains and collars, or printers waiting to get into work at Wapping standing under a barrage of abuse and missiles; all nothing. Social Democracy and Christian Socialism, nothing; civic Conservatism and liberal individualism, nothing. Women’s’ suffrage and the Jarrow March, the Anti-Corn law League and the gentle, courageous work of pacifist nurses in the trenches, all nothing.

Modest, gradual, non-violent and piecemeal reform; worse than nothing – a foe to subvert or destroy.

His Manichean dualism with all good on his side and all evil everywhere else seems unlikely ever to let any other viewpoint in.

So I’d better do a bit, today, getting the message out elsewhere.

Sue’s idea is the first suggested incoming campaign to go on. Thanks, Sue.

Raw Dead Plant Diet Week.

Day Two.

Getting to me. Feinian colleague who can’t wait for Maggie to die to dance on her grave in ecstasies of delight over incoming snacks. Mange-tout and cucumber salsa not different enough from onion and cucumber salsa yesterday and not enough calories. More chocolate talk…gossip turns to pizza and slow cookers. I shall be strong. Got to stick it to the bad guys on blog tonight. Three more days of carrots and celery and not a crust or spud in sight.

Three days.Ye gods.



Ross said...

I have some sympathy with Richard Seymour for using the nom de blog "Lenin".

If my real name was "Seymour, Dick" I'd pick a psuedonym to take attention away from it.

North Northwester said...

Ah, never spotted that.

I'm getting sloppy as my blood sugar falls to a level reminiscent of the British mortgage lending market..


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