Sunday, 25 January 2009

Jilted John: Next Verse and Chorus


Just a post to check in and reassure my kindly and tolerant readers that I’m still somewhere out there in the blogosphere carrying on Maggie’s Great Work. Way out there, as it happens.

I’m concentrating this week on setting up the directory site wherein will be listed the names and addresses of Britain’s numerous friends of liberty and also of Dorothy.

I’m absolutely not a techie - as Cherry Pie points out in the comments of the previous post - so making Google’s Blogger do a job that I really need a proper website for is going to be a bit tricky.

Next week’s going to be fraught anyway as it’s back to work for me after a blissful week’s holiday with the incomparable Mrs. Northwester. The osteopath has put me on a week-long diet of raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and salad for my back. No grains. No starches. No bread or pizza or potatoes. No cheese or milk or eggs. I’m a vegetarian so I can’t even gulp down bloody chunks of raw squirrel. I expect my posting to get a bit erratic and possibly paranoid.


However, I haven’t written anything rude about the Prime Minister for days and I’m beginning to get the shakes. Also I’m arrogant and greedy enough to dream of putting Ad Sense on this blog one day so I can save up enough cash to buy a mansion and retire to some tropical socialist paradise where land and housing are inexplicably cheap such as Cuba, Zimbabwe or Gordon Brown’s Globally Warm Britain. So I better do a Right-wing rant, and sharpish.

So just this, and then it’s back to the freedom directory for me…

One of the things that moistened the Left’s gussets in anticipation as Day One of the Era of the Blessed Tony approached was that the enlightened new regime would go easy on Third World Debt.

Many of the wise and the good sang Tony’s and Gordon’s praises as the expected day dawned and the burden of the evil banks’ loans and loan repayment schedules would be lifted from the people and from the government leaders’ Swiss accounts.

They never paid heed to the fact (they never seemed to know about it: let alone acknowledged it) that much of this debt came when OPEC quadrupled the price of oil to punish the West for supporting Israel’s self-defensive genocide-avoidance efforts in the Yom Kippur War.

The worldwide depression that followed left less help available for the often venal and viciously oppressive African governments - a great deal of petrodollar loans had been embezzled or spend on armaments because what starving thirsty and malarial Africans really need are spiffy new tanks and helicopters.

So now, irrespective of the history involved and the petty moralising about the rights and wrongs of borrowing money you have little intention of paying back or spending on your people’s welfare, and at the bidding of many, many singers, actors, writers, political activists and other economic experts (plus some actual economists) the West rather than OPEC was to stump up and support lifting mad and bad African kings’*1 debt (but leaving the Latin American and Asian debtor nations in the soup).

African Development Fund *2 and IMF and debts were written off by a generous Gordon Brown and someone called George W Bush who strangely doesn’t seem to have drawn any praise for this act of financial kindliness except from peripheral non-entities who are certainly ultra-Right-wing racists anyway.

Okay, I really feel sorry for the Africans living and dying under the crooks, imbeciles and serial mass-murderers that so many of their countries have for leaders. Maybe this has done a world of good which I would not begrudge to those poor people.


That was 2006. Now here’s the thing. On the Wikipedia page I see, at a quick scan only, of $48,000,000,000 written off.

Now it’s 2009.

My question is about Mister Brown’s high taxing, high-spending, non-government-reforming policies as Chancellor and Prime Minister.

Did the Reichsuberwankenfuhrer ever think that if at any time he felt short of a few billion or trillion that there might have been other financial techniques and policies he might have pursued in relation to - oh, I don’t know - the taxpayers, employers and house-buyers of, say…this country?

Because today we can talk about Third World Debt levels and not refer to anything beyond the shores and borders of Britain.


*1 The pan-African dialect word for hereditary absolute monarch is spelled ‘President’ in the Latin alphabet.

*2 whose “ sources are mainly contributions and periodic replacements by non-African member states. The fund is usually replenished every three years, unless member states decide otherwise. The total donations, at the end of 1996, amounted to $12.58 billion. The ADF lends at no interest rate, with a service charge of 0.75% per annum, a commitment fee of 0.5%, and a 50-year repayment period including a 10-year grace period. The Tenth United Kingdom replenishment of the ADF was in 2006.”

All together now. Two. Three. Four…. Wait for it.


Thud said...

Gordon is indeed a moron...snappy tune too!

North Northwester said...

Ah, the age of punk...And then in 1979...


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