Monday, 19 January 2009

Disraeli. Churchill. Thatcher. Um, er...

Well, there we have it.

Not content with eleven high taxing, high-spending years of putting large, untidy, uncircumcised dimples in the end of our economy’s gut-truffles, Mister Brown’s finally decided to shoot for the bull and get a full measure of relief from what he must hope are the really nice scratchy haemorrhoids in what all his fiscal fisting has left of our financial system.

And what is the Conservative and Unionist Party of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland going to do about it?

Why, they’re going to bring back that big old cuddly bear Kenneth Clarke the head chef of this country’s glorious John Major administration – that hot salty hors d'oeuvre that made the voters so keen to quench their thirst on sweet, cool draughts of Tony Blair and his pal Gordon.

Onwards, ever onwards…


"I do so like these red and white striped ones with the foot rests David. They’re jolly comfortable but the smoke stack blocks my view of the common people playing quoits on the lower deck. Let’s take them forward by the lifeboats so we can watch the Irish lad kissing that silly gel way above his station.

I say! Is that land I can see on the Northern horizon? Oh, I do hope the captain sails closer so I can see the polar bears.

Oh, do ask him to, David, would you?

Do say that you will."


Sue said...

Clarke, big mistake unless he is gagged on EU. We certainly need to renegotiate our status without a doubt!

North Northwester said... in, 'Out now,' I'd say. But hey, these guys are all so much cleverer than us. Which is why the country's doing really, really well.


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